Why I think Facebook should hire me

Why I think Facebook should hire me?

I got up this morning, turned on my trusty Mac and I pondered. What would be my dream job? Answer: Facebook. Why do I say this? I smell opportunity that industry experts have been either too reserved to comment on or too blind to see. In fact I am going to impart a few ideas I have which can generate at  $M’s.

I’d like to meet you in Barcelona, Spain and have lunch. Not only are my ideas highly profitable, but they easy to implement and reinforce Facebook’s number one priority – keeping its garden clean.

Facebook ‘Reach’

Let’s look at Google. They have a standard of excellence as they impart excellence. The biggest difference between your companies is that Google tries to get into your garden (through analytical products), whereas Facebook is a garden. So why doesn’t Facebook get its users to be better gardeners?

The gardeners are basically users, organisations and businesses. Facebook has a reactive policy, not a proactive policy in maintaining its garden. Is it not time to launch an official qualification in Facebook analytics and best practice? You can throw courses, workshops and maybe be able to support this once Facebook Work becomes a reality.

Let’s look at the financials from Google. In 2013, there were around 20,000 certified individuals. At $50 a pop for just the ad-words exam (not including analytics one) Google made about $1.3M. I think if you teamed up with app development companies to create apps that helped advertisers, there’s a nice profit share right there. Next, with other developers to create better UX, based on best practice (see next heading).

Facebook ‘Knows’

The strategy to win a marketing account is simply, ‘knowing‘. You have all the data to know what campaigns work and how they were employed. So why not create reports based on successful campaigns. If you approached these companies to use them in a case study – you could compete with Gartner. Now Gartner say they have 14,000 valued partners. If you sold seasonal reports – Winter / Summer $2,000, plus quarterly analysis $500 to the same base we’re talking earnings of $3.5M. With your data you could probably make a mint out of best practice / analysis per industry. I’ll get to that in a bit.

Reaching out to business is not hard. Your data identifies the individuals responsible for the campaign. Probably 7 times in 10, the individual responsible for the campaign has used their personal log-in rather than the bosses or company’s. You could reach out to a lot more ‘partners’ via Facebook and get them to write up the case study, while you inject other analysis. That’s one tasty report. I hope for lunch you buy me a tasty burger.

Ad-network / User Network Collaboration

Of course with any new update, personnel and practice becomes obsolete. Wouldn’t you prefer to incorporate all the highest ad spenders, bloggers, advocates and successful Facebook campaign running businesses into a brainstorming UX update? This means fewer reactive changes to any new cosmetic or functionality updates. In addition to saving ‘face’ you on-board these partners to be later advocates.

This means more courses, more best practice reports and it means you are ready to launch a new update with fewer hitches. Cost.. NDA’s. Revenue about $1.1M

Facebook ‘Reach’ Part 2

Have you ever reached out to advertisers directly, not through email but by chat? Don’t you think that if someone reached out proactively by saying hey, I’m reaching out to you to:

  1. Do a case study / report
  2. Offer advice on your last campaign, pop on to a free conference at our HQ
  3. Give them a darn free tshirt for being a best practice champion
  4. Tell them about the qualifications / reports
  5. Incentivise them?
  6. Offer
  7. Hey why not some free ad-spend credit, as your advice is so good try it for yourself

What Google does not do is tell its advertisers to be better advertisers proactively. This is an important thing to consider – true differentiation. If someone from Google reached out to me and said this, wouldn’t this be the talk of the office? Time to ramble on a bit. I used to contribute to WIKIPAEDIA. I loved it when a page / subject admin would pop up and have a chat. It’s something really personal. It made my day. Mark – try doing some Wikipedia yourself. It’s a right buzz!

Where’s the big money at?

Right now if we cut through to the chase your product is big data for business strategists and engagement for individuals / marketers.

Let’s look at just three golden goose industries. There are more. The point of this is to monetise  social responsibility. The adult, video game and pharmaceutical industries have tried many engagement tactics. I think its time you tidied up your garden and recognised this.

To be continued…….


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