In previous posts I have covered why SEO needs content. That content needs to be more than just relevant. It needs to be goal oriented, inspire calls to action and backlinks. This means changing or as I hope to prove wear a more encompassing hat.

I covered the difference between SEO and content production and how content marketing is different from SEO. Content production does need to comply with SEO norms e.g: no keywords stuffing, thin / scraped content or plagiarism etc and to write for a certain media channel / technology.

To illustrate why they are intrinsic holistic goes outside the SEO and content spheres by themselves to create a new zeitgeist.

To get there, let us take a mundane example to demonstrate that to become better they are the same holistic specialism.

Let me ask – what abilities, skills, mindsets, knowledge does a semi professional mountain biker need?

First the obvious. They must own, ride a bike. It helps being fit. But to be ‘proficient’ they must know about mechanics, the weather. They need to know how to prepare, fix, maintain their bike and equipment. In addition they need to know how to navigate, preparation – prior knowledge of the terrain, first aid, and nutrition, hydration and much more.   

Similarly, a successful inbound SEO/Content marketer, you will know other specialisms:

A business owner wants results. An inbound expert has to plan and action and think like a business owner to get measurable results.

These must be representative of the channel and campaign they are planning.

Content has to represent the brand’s mission and vision statements. Content must be aligned to the mission statements and apply this to goals of the company.

Applied branding means to achieve a businesses end, not selling branding as hot air (a.k.a) top of funnel marketing.

Many ‘content writers’ say they know how to produce branded content.

The inbound marketing professional works with a stakeholder to attain measurable business goals and objectives.

Any professional who does not do this is best paraphrased from Ygritte Game of Thrones  ‘You know nothing… content writer/manager’.

  • An inbound content marketing expert must speak and think like a digital marketer. They know the benefits and features of the product and how to reproduce its messages. They know the niches and the buyer / audience profiles. They understand what strategy to apply to take a prospect to the next stage of the buying cycle.
  • They know how to put across solutions relevant to an audience, using the right psychological words that stimulate action. An inbound expert analyzes and has the tech background like an SEO professional. They demand that goals are measurable before starting a project.
  • An inbound expert understands social media and content media.
  • They do keyword research and proved demand by search volume. They know the difference between top, middle and bottom of the funnel keywords. They know of negative keywords and ask for them.

Once an inbound expert appreciates this and they will produce killer content. It’s a worthy hire.

I have said what it takes to be a professional inbound marketing professional. Next I will illustrate with my real life mistakes how I got to define what makes a digital marketer.

I will cover in greater depth solutions how to identify an audience, onboard a client / onboard in a role, agreeing business goals and measurements per channel, brand communication, confirm that passion is not the golden goose of content creation, plus choosing and creating fit for purpose distribution and content plans.