Whatsapp: What’s The Pricing / Charge For The App?

WhatsApp The Pricing Facts, Myths, Truths and Fiction

Whatsapp pricing

Are you uncertain about the pricing of Whatsapp? What does it cost and what’s the catch with Whatsapp? The answer is easy. You pay upfront for Apple devices a yearly tariff. Other smartphones its free to download and use for a year and then you will be forced to pay an annual yearly fee. If you have already downloaded the app and have not paid for it, you are using the app in the free trial period.

Here’s a quick a pricing and terms and conditions summary.

  • Android: Free to download and install. After 12 months you will have to buy the app on a yearly basis. Presently it’s 99 US cents, 89 centimos, 69 pence.
  • iPhone: iOS users will have to pay 99 cents (69 sterling pence) upfront and then it’s 99 US cents a year.
  • All other smartphones, BlackBerry, Nokia, Windows: Free to download and install. After 12 months you will have to buy the app on a yearly basis. Presently it’s 99 US cents, 89 centimos, 69 pence.

There is talk that WhatsApp will charge to download the app in the future for non iOS smartphones. The rationale is to have a pricing consistency across on boarding all smartphone users.

Is sending a text, audio messages, sms or mms free with WhatsApp?

The truth is Yes and No.

Yes. Free means that you do not pay to access a hotspot. You may download and use the app without a data tariff. Frequent international travellers who have deactivated data roaming will attest this option works. The application continues to work only when you are connected to a wifi network. For now, WhatsApp are not charging for delayed message data-storage.

No. The majority of readers will have a data carrier, or have a wifi limit on data usage, i.e., Orange, Vodafone, Verizon, 3 or using BT Broadband etc. Note that the application runs in the background without sending a message. It consumes data daily from your data tariff. Depending on the version you have running, it will use approximately 82-100kb daily. This is about 2.5 to 3 megabytes a month. If you use PAYG (pay as you go), or your home wifi has a data cap, this may be an issue.

Luckily WhatsApp IMHO isn’t a data eating monster. The majority of mobile and fixed operator data tariffs are very generous and it ought not to be an issue. However, if your contacts send a LOT of data you might have a pro

Note: mobile operators still continue to sting clients with data roaming charges. Make sure you turn roaming off if you near any country border. You can connect to another country’s mobile network even on the other side of the border!!!

I believe in WhatsApp. For me, it the SMS workhorse. I am using Line that benefits from free calls as well. This for some of you might be a better choice. Line suffers from a low user take up. Like Facebook to Google +, there are die hard followers and people unwilling to migrate from the platform.

Who will win between Whatsapp and Line…. I think Whatsapp, so its probably in your interests to buy the App!


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