Webbar: Monthly Meet Up Review October 2010

Webbar: Networking in Barcelona: October 2010

Meeting up at Webbar as a lot of fun. Made a few new contacts as well as catching up with some of my former colleagues from previous employers. Being on the committee I helped with the sound mixing! Hey last night a DJ saved my life. Thankfully years of being a college DJ helped me mix down the sound and after the first speaker it sounded a whole lot clearer. Hurrah!

There were three interesting talks. This time they all surrounded social media, from the basics to selling and promoting communities. You can check out the presentations here.

“Estrategias & Técnicas: Cómo identificar oportunidades para tu negocio a través del Marketing Online”
by Toni Padrell Perez

Como realizar promociones en facebook
by Francesc Gómez Morales

De Barcelona a Colombia en un click
by Rubén Bagüés Vicente

I personally enjoyed Francesc’s presentation the most, very well presented, the information was tidy and it was in a word slick! The other two were equally enjoyable and for 15 minutes per presentation… I picked up a few new things to look up for later study!

The event, as usual was packed out with many a person taking a view from the bar. It was cool at the end of the event to get a surprise mention for their new wordpress installation I did as a favour. Nice one for a big up mind 😀

If you’re interested in coming along, pop on over to webbar.es or better still go to their facebook/mashable page.

2 Replies to “Webbar: Monthly Meet Up Review October 2010”

  1. Hey Anthony,
    you did a great job and I´m happy to have you in the team. Thanks for the nice summary. I love your new video btw! Well done! Happy to take it into the jobs feed on http://www.webbar.es as soon as we go on with this. cheers and hear from us soon. best regards and many thanks.

    1. Thanks Björn. It was a real pleasure. Great for the video CV.. thanks for your help.

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