Viigo Review: Now only for Blackberry.

Formerly published and known as Newsclip Viigo is a great RSS news reader for mobile devices. For this review I’m using this application on a HTC Diamond using WM6.1.

Viigo is a free RSS reader for mobile device / phones. It can work with stand alone PDAs using syncing. Like my favourite Avantgo [no longer running], I was looking for a great application for reading whole new stories. The main application has sections for news, weather, sports, traffic, politics, entertainment, and shopping and travel news.

How to use Viigo:

The application is free. All you need do is go to their main portal, and set up an account. Just download the application and using active sync or Windows Mobile centre add the device to your phone

It integrates with Google reader and using the account one can add or take off channels pretty easily.. It’s a pretty light application and easy to use. There’s 7 main content sections. The weather reports gives you the current conditions. It can show up to a 5 day forecast with the temperatures and conditions like rain, clouds and so on. However outside the US I’ve found the weather buggy on a HTC. As I’ve not tried on other PDAs I am unsure how stable the application is. There are options for more detailed forecast by clicking on an Extended Forecast that links into US centric info.

For Europeans the traffic news is again covers New York and London only. You might find using Google Maps a little more up to date for day-to-day use easier.

The application integrates easily with Google Reader and using the Viigo service allows blog and Twitter submissions. It can take quite a few syncs if you have updated Google Reader for Viigo to recognize a new feed. As a work around, I have found you have to delete and re-add Google reader for the new channels to be incorporated. It’s a minor annoyance and may be more down to HTC and Microsoft than the developer. For me, the best part is its integration into Twitter.

You can set up the application to download when you’re connected to your local network or via dataplan to your mobile provider. It can save up to 1250 articles. Just so you know the default articles are is 250. The great thing about RSS is that you can read whole articles [but depends on the site]. If you want the software to auto update you can select it for every few hours or to only update manually. You may also select to handle rich text and download images. However, if the device locks I have not found to date anyway to update news feeds with autolock function. If you are a manager or work in security I have not found a workaround for this.

News articles can be posted to Twitter, Delicious, and you may email it to a friend or even to yourself. The application already contains a link to Audio & Podcast, but it doesn’t seem to work that well. I believe it is still in production.

Overall, I’ve not found a better news reader to date. There are some teething problems with the application and if you’re tweaking your device it does become unstable. Additionally if you are using the device to download and you are viewing items performance is hindered. The only annoying factor is one is unable to state to use the stylus to move the page outside of the sidebar slider. As a free reader you will be hard pressed to find another reader this stylish on the market!