How to use Twitter For Marketing Part 1

Background on How to Use Twitter

Twitter is like SMS.  It is known as micro blogging. No surprise when it’s just 140 characters. It enables you to pass quick messages to your clients, employees and to the world in general. It’s a two way communication channel.

How to set up Twitter.

  • Set up a profile at Add in your name, the company name and your company’s URL! Add a little life to your about you in your bio. Remember in social media we’re all humans!
  • For work, make sure your email connects to a device that is connected to an email box manned 24 hours. Why? As social media never sleeps.
  • Additionally any direct messages will go direct to your email box. We’re customer focused right 😀

Write your Twitter posts correctly

Getting used to Twitter is a little geeky but quite easy!

  • Some you ought to know include what you are doing and what the post is about in the first few words.
  • Examples include: Reading X, Article X, Whitepaper, News, Product Update, Special Offer, Breaking News. There’s a host more.

Example: Reading Kevin Spacey in new movie as Kaiser Soze URL

Tagging Twitter Posts:

  • Tagging posts helps others find your twit. Simply its a topic and you mark it with a # [hash].i.e:  you use the hash key#name of topic.


  • Twitter fails with spaces in topics. Everyone loves  kevin spacey as an actor. You’ve just found out some news about him. You want to post it so people can find it.
  • How to get around it? Put an underline between the terms.

Example:  “Reading about Kevin Spacey in Casino Jack URL #kevin_spacey #casino_jack

Urls on Twitter: How can I make them shorter?

  • Twitter often turns your url into a short one. It depends which application you use. I will assume you’re typing it in via the web. So here it does not make it short. Awwww…
  • Using the long url drastically shortens your post.  Ouch! Remember you’ve only 140 characters. That includes the URL. How do you get around this?
  • The easiest way to make quick postings is to get an application or widget into your browser your bar.
  • Why should you use tinyurls this? It can make tinyurls for you and your postings quicker, shorter and easier. You can add more text! Hurrah! There’s a lot out there but I’ll recommend for Chrome
    Google Share and Mozilla  Shareaholic.
  • For each of the above you just browse the page you wish to Twit and press the icon. It’ll then make a tinyURL for you and all you need do is write your comment and tags. Easy right!
  • What is a tiny url? A tiny url is simply a URL redirection rewrite.

By line:  For SEO, the first 25 characters actually get indexed. Once I got to Google number three by mistake with, “good morning internet”.  Maybe there’s some mileage in this if your firm has a great saying!

Direct Messages

  • Direct messages are a great way to write to someone privately.
  • They will come as an alert to your email box. [Make sure you set that up in your profile].
  • How to direct message? Simply all you need do is write a new twitter message placing a capital D [username]. Make sure there’s a space between the username and the D and the message.

Example: D emarketingking Hey, how you doing Ant!

Your message will be private and do direct to that user. Nice touches.

Results for using Twitter for emarketing?

Well that’s it.

  • You’ve learned how to title, write and tag posts maximising your 140 characters by using tinyurls.
  • You’ve learned how extensions in your browser can help you out no end!
  • Results? People can now find you easier and hopefully you’ve learned how to become an expert in minutes!

There’s a lot more you can do. Next time I’ll talk about retweets a great way to spread news from one great Twitter poster to another. Enjoy and happy Twitting!