TripAdvisor Database Hacked. Spam Emails Ahoy March 23 2011

I just received a good bit of damage limitation from TripAdvisor. It seems someone has hacked their database and has taken email addresses. Other information, apparently isn’t there. ¬†The company have stated that emails were taken however it is uncertain if any other data has been taken.

Although this is disclosure, I think their community wants to know.. and what else? Passwords, physical addresses or names?

It’s great on TA’s part to make this public. However, as a consumer I think we, the community that make all their SEO domination important need full disclosure.

Here’s the email. Make up your own minds!

To our travel community:


This past weekend we discovered that an unauthorized third party had stolen part of TripAdvisor’s member email list. We’ve confirmed the source of the vulnerability and shut it down. We’re taking this incident very seriously and are actively pursuing the matter with law enforcement.
How will this affect you? In many cases, it won’t. Only a portion of all member email addresses were taken, and all member passwords remain secure. You may receive some unsolicited emails (spam) as a result of this incident.


The reason we are going directly to you with this news is that we think it’s the right thing to do. As a TripAdvisor member, I would want to know. Unfortunately, this sort of data theft is becoming more common across many industries, and we take it extremely seriously.


I’d also like to reassure you that TripAdvisor does not collect members’ credit card or financial information, and we never sell or rent our member list.


We will continue to take all appropriate measures to keep your personal information secure at TripAdvisor. I sincerely apologize for this incident and appreciate your membership in our travel community.


Steve Kaufer
Co-founder and CEO


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