Spanish Autonomos, freelancers & corporates have just 1 year Apple warranty – not 2 like consumers.

I love Apple products and services. I think their service is top notch and if you are lucky to live in a city with an Apple store, then you can just drop in your equipment and get it fixed or looked at. I had recently had an eye opener as I found out you only get one year’s warranty in Spain on an Apple device. It’s strange as a consumer gets 24 months warranty. I will offer you a better solution to fixing your iPad with Apple that could extend the life of the device and potentially your investment.

If you are reading this and have bought a device with your tax number then sadly you are in the same boat. When I bought the item I was not told that you only had 1 year warranty. Bad Apple. Now looking back at it, I wished I had opted for the Apple care. So, if you have not bought yet, I recommend getting it.

Over the years, my iPad 2 has had many problems. As you will find out, getting an iPad 2 with 3G repaired is very expensive. My problem was that the SIM card reader had died. What did I do to verify the problem? I had duplicated the SIM card, had the device checked for errors, reset the device to factory setting but the problem continued. The fault was with Apple and the cost of repair was on me.

It was going to cost me around 250 euros to get just the SIM card reader repaired. I had a small scratch and some corrosion on the back of the device. Otherwise it functioned perfectly. In all honesty, I think Apple’s repair costs are excessive. There were other Apple official dealers which charged a lot less for the parts and service. They charged around 70 euros. However, I did some research and got another solution which in some respects is better.

I looked on the net, called Apple and I found that the best solution is to ask for a direct one for one replacement of the device. The result, I got a gleamy refurbished model with stiffer buttons, no blemishes nor scratches. The strangest thing is it costed LESS than the repair of just the SIM card reader.

What do you do to do this?

You just take device in to a store, hand over the old, pay up and get the refurbished one.

You don’t need your box or charger. It’s best you take the receipt if you have it. The coolest thing about Apple is that they will print out your receipt. This is one of the biggest differences and I guess this is how they justify their pricing. For me getting it changed worked out cheaper than buying a new device (iPad v3 or iPad mini) and I would have had to have paid more if I recycled or it part exchanged it to get a new one.

I’m happier as you get 3 months warranty and if you had some blemishes and a few scratches and the push button (control) is a bit beaten up it could save you problems in the future. I saw it as a safer investment.

In conclusion, be careful buying Apple products for business in Spain. You only get 12 months warranty. I highly recommend to buy Apple care when you buy the device.

To end my story, I know there’s no retina display or Siri but now I have a swanky looking iPad again. If in doubt about the warranty for your device use the link below.

Check warranty for Apple products:


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