Solving Business Problems Easily in Barcelona: Value Added Networking

Barcelona Business Pros Do You Wish To Network with Professionals Who Are Interested In Solving Your Problems.

Tired how vendors always seem to have the right answer. Me too… I’ve made a Linked In group to help Barcelona businesses and business pro’s flourish.

Attending usual networking events one never knows if you will find someone to answer your question.  So I made a rationale for creating such a group.  I wished to create a forum is meant to be educational, helpful and instructional. By attending one knows their question will be answered when they attend. It’s quick, easy and face to face.

Simply the concept is simple give and take advice and information from a peer.  You may to choose to always give. However, if you attend, you may not just take!

Each attendee may impart advice.  The person receiving the advice might not be given from the person answering your question. The group works to answer all questions of the attendees.

Example of business problems and solutions:

  • Online company, with no experience of offline branding or generic public relations. You wish to create off-line publicity.
  • The off-line PR professional wants to know about technical business work flow solutions. No prior experience as one of their clients wishes to use online collaboration. They don’t understand the concept.
  • The work-flow software sales person wishes to explore online lead generation, what’s new and what they can do!


  • PR processional helps the online company.
  • The workflow professional helps the offline professional.
  • The online company helps the work-flow sales person!

Wowzers. Instead of DIRECT networking where there’s one person and one vendor, we’re mixing professionals with potentially non-related business models or markets, but the answer sought from that professional is valid.

Each attendee has 40 minutes to input to each question.

The format I imagined would be something like:

  1. Qualification of problem and generic Q&A from whole group – 5 mins
  2. Focus feedback – 5 mins
  3. Expert directly answers question – 20
  4. Re-Focus – 5
  5. Summary and actions – 5 mins

In essence the network I propose is aimed to open doors to future discussions outside the group.

Please ask me questions below: Join by request… to the Linked In Group. Note: This is only for professionals in Barcelona, Spain!

Give, Impart, & Make 40