Social Media and Online PR Report 2010

eConsultancy has just released  a new “Social Media and Online PR Report 2010”.

The 82 page report highlights some interesting results including:

  • Some 40% of companies say they have “experimented with social media but have not done much”, while just over a third say they have done an “average amount”.

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This is quite telling indeed. It would be interesting to note how many actually have measurement of social media about their products or brands at all? It’s not that expensive for larger brands to set up tracking from third parties. However, with finding number 4 it states there are fairly few policies set up for social media? Seems like the C2C phenomenon hasn’t quite caught on. With many a review site for products and services conversion by client conversation is a lot higher. Let’s hope to see some changes!

  • Around a quarter of company respondents (26%) said their most senior managers were “very interested indeed” in social media, compared to 19% who said there was “very little interest”.

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See my thoughts later on down.

  • Social network profile creation and management is still the most widely used social media tactic, although the proportion of companies who do this has decreased from 65% last year to 56% this year.

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It’s interesting that the highest metric is traffic and not conversion!

  • Direct traffic (72%) is still regarded as the most important metric for assessing social media activity. Almost three-quarters of respondents say this is one of the three most important metrics they use.
  • 45% of responding companies don’t have any policies or guidelines for the use of social media.

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Some interesting results especially for no guidelines or policies for social media!

For me, as I’ve said elsewhere on a lot of LinkedIn Answers, this is down to a company having to embrace new technology marketing at the heart of its business. Simply, unless a company embraces social media from the top management down the chances of succeeding are indeed quite slim.

It would be interesting to note from these companies that replied to the survey if they had a solid internal communication policy? More importantly, what’s the satisfaction results percentage from its employees. This would indeed be telling that if they cannot communicate internally very well, how is it transferable on a mass social scale?

Link to econsultancy Social Media and Online PR Report 2010 :

Report costs £250 or join as a member and get unlimited reports for £295.

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