How to Share WiFi and internet access via an Ad-Hoc network your iMac With Your iPad 1, 2 or 3

Introduction to connecting your iPad 1,2 or 3 to your iMac’s network connection using WiFi

Thanks for dropping by. I’ll be showing you how to connect your iPad 1,2 or 3 via your iMac to your iPad. This works even if your office, house or wherever doesn’t share WiFi access.

Typical iPad to iMac WiFi connection problem  scenarios

If you are in an office that does not share wifi and all computers are connected network cable you want your iPad with WiFi. Then this guide is for you.

If you have been set up with WiFi on your iMac and don’t know the password or you could be someone whose router is just flat out cannot accept new wifi connections and you need to connect your iPad to the WiFi. Or, you just can’t be botherered or too drunk to find the router and you want to get WiFi using your iMac.

With any of the previous problems this guide will help you.

How to get WiFi on your iPad using your iMac’s network connection?

It will take approx 3 minutes to set this up.

  • You can get booted from the WiFi connection to your iMac, although the iPad is hardy and loves to reconnect quickly to WiFi.
  • Just word of warning, you might get some lag as it is shared connection. So if you want to get the best performance stop any excess network connections from your iMac. This means stop your YouTube, any torrent or other streaming stuff using Spotify etc.
  • I would say this is not the best method to use if you wish to use VOIP, streaming media or using the device for remote control, gaming or playing live music.

How to connect your iPad to your iMac to share Internet access in 5 easy steps

  • Find the WiFi button in your top menu bar. I’ll either look like the below if you have Wifi /Airport on
    iMac Wifi Connection Button
  • With no wifi activated it will be like thisNo Wifi or Airport Activated on iMac
  • Click the icon and choose Turn WiFi On if it is off. Turn Airport WiFi On iMac
  • Then select in this menu scroll down to Create NetworkCreate ad-hoc network on your iMac
  • Give your network a name, and a channel. Give it any name you wish, I say keep with the defaults for the channel and choose either 40 or 120 bit WEP security. You have to choose exactly a 5 character password for 40 and 10 characters for 120.

    Create a network password for your ad-hoc network on an iMac
    Create a network password for your ad-hoc network on an iMac
  • This is not compulsory but I seriously I suggest creating a password, otherwise any pleb can connect to your network
  • Press ‘CREATE’
  • That’s it for your iMac. You’re halfway done. Now get out your iPad
  • Find the network on your iPad (found under settings button on your iPad homepage. The icon looks like the below on iOS 5 and iOS 6 on the iPad / iPhone. Press the button icon.


  • Up pops another screen.
  • Find the WiFi tab in the left hand menu.  If its not connected and the WIFI is off you need to turn it on now. Swipe the right icon to ON!

    iPad wifi off and ON iOS6 connection

  • Under ‘choose a network’ it ought to show within a very short space of time.
  • Click the network name you created earlier and/or type in your password. This should be with 5 or ten characters
  • Your ad-hoc network will then have a little tick next to it plus the wifi strength showing.

    That means you are connected. Huzzah. YOU ROCK BABY……

    Please comment below. I hope I helped you out!