Setting Up A Website: Do You Have a Dumb Website?

I came across a great article today about making sure you are on course to make the best B2C, B2B or corporate web-site. Bottom line the article offers ten questions about the validity of your website. The question asks and answers the following questions.

  • Do you have a blog? 
  • Do you publish case studies or stories about your customers? 
  • Does your site include a news section? 
  • Do you regularly develop offers and feature them on your site? 
  • Does the site allow visitors to opt-into your email?
  • Do you offer video content?
  • Have you created a mobile version of your site? 
  • Does your site encourage commentary and sharing? 
  • Does your home page change often? 
  • Are you analyzing how visitors use your site? 
The replies are fairly self explanatory and things you have probably read before elsewhere. Even as a seasoned emarketing professional, sometimes its easy to get caught up in smaller details once a site has been made live, rather than concentrating on the 80/20 principle behind a successful site.
This short article takes you back a step,  gets back to basics and will hopefully get you back on track as well. Enjoy!
I recommend that even if you are a seasoned webmaster or emarketing professional to give it a read.