What SEO Misses? Conversion!

When looking at great how to guides on SEO, there appear to be, at least for I, some very important factors missing. These are aligning a campaign to the objectives and then making the content to support this. Many guides already and probably already rightly assume this has been done.

Let’s look at this a little deeper. Let’s use an example that actually inspired this article. The author is looking for a net book. Now early along the way in research I found problems such as short battery life, disk space, RAM differences, screen glare and weight.

Of course, but even complex terms are not really finding what I need. In short, the whole Web 2.0 experience centers search and content to a simple statement. They address, “I want to find people like me”. The nearest I’m going to get is a large portal like cnet.com, if I am lucky an independent review site. But search on these portals is limited. If I know already the make, model and RAM, then I can make an informed decision. So how about a lower spec machine running Linux to a higher one with XP?

Adding syndicated or embedded reviews, or even better adding comments, word clouds and rich snippets, I could find something in the decision buying phase. Now think, how could I have got people from the first research to my site? I’d say providing content with user experience and reviews adding real life examples of success stories. These could include an amateur writer taking it to the beach, watch movies, get free Wi-Fi, extra light with lots of batteries as the person is always out.

Sure, one can create this, but don’t surfers look for something a bit more dynamic? Searches change through time. For I search for easy answers to the questions I have. Still, if there’s another hurdle if price or service is my bane for bounces maybe one can addresses this via the potential conversions I could have got.

In SEO one part is to get people to your site, effect the decision of yes and convert. The shopping process is another aspect of conversion and best left to another posting.

Lucky SEOing all.