How to get a PS3 working with SCART / HDMI Connection Problems


Recently, I purchased a great Samsung TV for use in a spare room. I was made aware that the TV doesn’t support HDMI for the PS3.

I had 3 cable connector options, normal AV and HDMI to component. I settled with AV to component.

I had tried the following combinations:

  • HDMI to HDMI: Obviously… – result – no screen display
  • PS2 AV cable – result – no screen display
  • HDMI to component – result -no screen display
  • AV to 3 pin AV – result -no screen display


You have the right kit, and you want 1080 resolution and want to kick some butt. You have bought a AV, component and a HDMI connector port, but it still shows up as ‘no signal’.

The problem with the PS3 is that it fails to automatically generate an output signal based on the connector that is inserted into the PS3 device. Sony, have placed too much control on the part of the user.


The solution is so simple you are going to kick yourself. The problem is that you will need a good friend to help you. This friend has a HDMI compatible TV with the PS3. As far as I know, there is no other way around this by inserting the correct cable. If you happen to buy a PS3 out of a box, perhaps it might work right away. If you’re downgrading screen resolution / capability like I did, you might come across this problem.

  1. Ask a friend to bring around a HDMI compatible TV.
  2. Connect the PS3 to the TV via HDMI to HDMI cable
  3. Fire up the PS3 and it works right away right? Perfect screen etc
  4. Voila. If the PS3 doesn’t have any graphic interface problems, it’s working fine. Don’t rush to the shops just yet.
  5. Go to this page on the Sony site:
  6. I got it working using the second selection: Component / D-Terminal *2
  7. Go through parts 5-10 from the manual on the Sony site.
  8. And your done.
  9. Unconnect the HDMI to HDMI cable and insert your AV to Component into the TV and Ps3. Previously you had no screen display. Now you ought to see it displayed!
  10. Just adjust the PS3 menu to the graphic size of your choice when playing games. Best to test it for 30 seconds and press the X or O button.
  11. Buy your friend a beer for bringing over the TV
  12. Let your friend win a few games šŸ˜€

Conclusion & Follow Up

It’s a pity that Sony doesn’t have an auto-detect output when you fire it up. I am going to try the HDMI to Component selection next.I had hoped by now with all the various updates that this would have been tackled.

At least I have the most basic version running. I have noticed that the screen update is a lot more laggy than HDMI.

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