Problem with iThemify2

Apologies for all who have come to my blog today as it has been down for a few hours.

What happened? Simply, I updated the cool Mac WP theme for the blog, it created some form of conflict or was badly coded and it killed off my site. It even killed my WP panel 😮

The theme I use is from the excellent premium WP creation company called By the way, the theme I use is called iTheme2. I have yet to find out what created the error, but there was a bizarre conflict which bought down the site and admin panel.

They have updated the version to v.1.2.2. There has been no comments about errors or complications to date with this theme so it could be isolated to just my set up. Anyway, I will not be updating this theme for a little while. So, I hope that all site visitors like the theme 😀

itheme2 WP themePersonally, I really love this theme and I am thinking of investing in this premium theme. Saying this my credit card is not coming out of my pocket as it bought down my site.

Luckily I had not deleted the original theme download. After a quick search I found the old zip file and I backdated the theme to a previous version 😀

So here we are again. All funky on Thursday and chilled like three little Fonz’s.

Have a cool Thursday!