LinkedIn announce a powerful new feature for Company Pages—”Status Updates”.

LinkedIn today have announced that finally companies have a voice as themselves, rather than individuals. The company status functionality is headed in the company profile that is open to admins for the page.
Having posted company updates to my circles, it’s great to finally have company buzz functionality. Well done LinkedIn.
The new update allows
  • Post updates directly from a company overview page
  • Sharing company announcements etc
  • To directly engage directly your followers and subsequently possibly their network

When you first get to the page I was expecting something like Facebook, updates go at the top of the page right? No, it took me some clicking to find the new functionality.

It’s a little hidden under your followers. It’s titled Linkedin Company Pages.

Here is what it looks like.

Only designated admins can actually post updates, so you’re going to have to make sure your PR/Marcoms department have that right over the LinkedIn company profile.

You can read the FAQ on company updates from LinkedIn here.

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