How Best To Grow An Email Database in 2012 – 2013 Part 1


Many people are given charge to grow an email database list. This is prompted through a decline in recent conversions or a slump in the market. One is often tempted to rise to this challenge. The way to tackle the problem is often already in place. One just needs to know where to look.

how to grow an email list

This article is to prompt the reader to consider some basic points which, in the heat of many business decisions are swiftly overlooked. The advice follows 5 + years working, supporting, consulting, advising and implementing email marketing. I hope you enjoy the article on how best to grow an email database.

How Best to Grow an Email Database?

All business owners and marketing professionals have faced the question, “How can I build an email list?” at least one time in their lives. Many people believe it is actually hard. The truth of how to build an email list is a lot less complicated than you might think. The most important part I have just mentioned. It is just to think!

Identify your business’ goals to grow your email database

Let me do a practical example with you. Think about clients that have made your business grow to where it is now?

Write those down.

Now, find out if your marketing department can find out more information about how those relationships were acquired, nurtured, converted and that client’s life time value.

Ask them to verify your assumptions with the data they’ve collected.

Cross reference them both.

Note: This ought to take 1 business day to unravel.

What I’ve really simplified is how to identify what works for your business. Do not forget that you need to factor in any marketing activities that were time, demographic, psychographic or seasonal sensitive.

By finding out what works one ought to in more cases than not be able to replicate capturing, engaging, and converting the ideal client.

Identify your most profitable clients. Find more of the same to grow your email list.

You now have an idea of your client. If your marketing department was on the ball, they would have bought up the top five to ten client profiles.

Let’s go into this a little further.

How Best To Grow An Email List

Building an email list based on the basic profile of a client depends on three factors. Please note this is over simplified.

  • Who the client is. Think of this as a client profile as demographics. e.g: age, location, gender etc..
  • What they define – the segment within a larger demographic e.g: mobile phone junkie, Apple fan, early tech adopters
  • Why they converted or wish to convert. This is how you won them over and interested them before they churned or outlived their lifetime value. What you need to consider is the purpose of the email media you will be providing and the  values it will fulfill. e.g: fun adolescent risqué humour for apple phone lovers in downturn suburbs. They love niche music interests and to be one of the first ones to know about tech and they adopt quick but churn after making a sizable purchase. Only cutting edge and high end tech satisfies them.

When you decide on any acquisition campaigning profiling must be considered to match that niche / client type.

Making this super simple,  when you are going to engage the person with an email you need to think about the ‘so what factor’ of signing or opting up. You must think about what benefit they will receive in the email you email them.

For the sake of keeping this article simple you will need to consider keeping and growing your email list throughout their customer lifecycle. However, the problem at hand is how to grow your email list right?

Once you have an idea of who, what and why the next steps about list building is simpler.

In Part 2, I will clarify how to make your list successful and email formats you ought to consider plus real-life examples.