How Best To Grow An Email Database in 2012 – 2013 Part 2


In this second part we get back to basics with your marketing. In effect we your business needs and look at different ways how to grow your database list using different marketing channels, your website, social media and of course email!

In the last article the point I was making was that once you have an idea of who, what and why the next steps about list building is simpler.

how to build an email marketing listLet’s make a real life example to make this clearer with an example. 

You have clients who have bought the iPad 3 from you. Now there’s the new iPhone coming out soon and we even have rumours of the iPad mini. Nice. Being a PC/Mac retailer you are soon to have 2 suitable products for these high spend clients.

Great. As a business owner I might decide to splash some stories about these products. Perhaps I might hire a top end guest blogger to write a few hype articles, maybe I might ask to pre-order the said items to encourage interaction again with my old client’s database. From the interaction, word of mouth ought to grow your list with recommendations, re-tweets, and Facebook likes.

Why are you doing this? The client profiled likes to be cutting edge. They are early adopters. Wowsers! That’s a free invite to get these guys and their contacts and friends aboard. That means you grow your ‘opens’, ‘clicks’ and via interaction viral interest.

Remember, how to build an email list is better when you consider quality over quantity. You know the whom, the what and the why its now a lot easier to build your email list.

Maybe you have not really tried to acquire or retain your existing email list. I will forgive you this time ; -D.  You might have read about email conversion rates elsewhere. Don’t dishearten this article will see you on the way through the basics!

Conversion per industry radically change as do open and click-through rates. With the design of your email, its better you concentrate on short and clear calls to action. Get those clients to open with a catching strap line and pow – watch email conversions happen!

To sum up building an emai list – you want person X for a reason. With your company they will get  value being a part of your email list. This matches a demographic. As a business owner you have worked out the ROI per client demographic and psycho-graphic. From this you have identified, right message and right person!

Great. That’s 2 of the top three concepts for an email marketing pro. Getting the email to the person at the right time takes a little more practice. However, if your company likes to adopt and promote early and with great unique open rates I would surmise your emails are hitting people at the right time!

There are a lot of other concepts such as  the client’s lifetime value to the company.

Let’s keep this article simple.

Outside the identifying the valuable clients here’s a list of ideas how you may acquire and retain new and old clients.

Email design and Social Media

  • Adding share and social links inside your own newsletters
  • Adding a call to action for the above as an icon in your email newsletter 😀
  • Use social media board sites and serious ANSWER questions to push people to your site to give up their data for something of value
  • Keep specials going by selected channels. Never stress one channel as the distressed sale channel. If you do, that will be the only channel people sign up to while the other one gets sidelined.

Always add value in your email communications

  • Produce market reports, cutting edge, interactive and unique content
  • Use social and PR media to circulate the word to your sign up or content that promises more of the same if they – sign up 😀

User experience / web-site basics

  • Make sure you have an easy sign up on your homepage / landing pages and this is easy to find and to navigate
  • Use a great landing page so users may opt up, down and out. Don’t forget to remind clients of the benefits of each newsletter per specific landing page. It needs to convince YOU to sign-up and opt for more. If it fails to convince you.. think about what people think when they hit your page.

Outside list data

  • Once you have defined your target I recommend sending to a niche market subscriber email newsletter list for a printed magazine
  • I got very good responses if, and only if you got the profile and segment right ;-D
  • Again.. use clearly designed opt-in, up, down and out on the above landing pages
  • Using integrated marketing campaigns so social pushes to portals in all acquisition and retention based marketing
  • Ask questions and comments from users on your present list to get some interaction. Just that alone creates vibes. People start sharing your newsletter via viral channels
  •  Create a research document from newsletter list and other contributors. Follow this up with off-line contact and ask if there’s anyone else who would be interested in the document. Contact them off-line and then opt-them in
  • Trade shows and events. It’s best practice to send them an email inviting them to do something and so you have proof of sign up date and time

Local networking events

  • Sales team probably has a lot of personal business cards. This is probably the most effective.  They remember anyone who fits the profile? Wow, time to make contact and find more opportunities

Using Incentives in email marketing

  • Offer white papers, downloads with data capture. Put these in a series so there are new sign ups and great word of mouth

Peer Groups for growing email lists

  • Make yourself a LION [linked in open networker] on LinkedIn. Any of those contacts fit your profile. Drop them a funky and personal message. Watch peer recommendation work 😀
  • Offer an incentive or whenever someone signs up ask them to recommend friends from their outlook or cloud email account etc. The oldies never die!

If you’re pushed for quantity:

  • Visit Plaxo
  • Visit Jigsaw
  • And then consider Experian for buying lists

how to grow an email marketing database listA lot LOWER rate of interest unless your message is quick, simple, honest and direct.

The best campaign I ran with one paragraph and a link, plus a sign off in text only :D. I got 25% of an entire list to convert. Sometimes going back to basics seems ridiculous. I say sometimes we overestimate the reach and power of new technology vs. the power of email.