How Google Plus + Can Take on and Defeat FaceBook and Win

Strategy Plan for Google Plus +:
How FaceBook is going to loose this battle

Here’s an answer I shared on Linked In. The question asked was can Google + take on Facebook. I believe it can. I believe it can do it better, and win.

Summary of how and why G+ is better for business and can overtake uptake than Facebook.

If  Google sets up G+ business and the rest will follow. Simply, allowing employee’s to use G+ as a work-tool, it can cut down costs of maintaining a WIKI. It can improve the interface between employers and employees. Last of all, Google Plus + can offer businesses a place to interact and to keep the social profile away from the business one.It’s harder to do this at present with Facebook.

Finally, a gmail server for a business is the BEST tool to use to get everyone involved and it can be monitored. As the interface isn’t too different from Facebook and it’s privacy ease is better than FB’s own, Social Media Managers can deploy with less worry than it can with Facebook.

Allow businesses to talk to businesses

Set up a SEO juice factory by adding businesses into DMOZ which is virtually defunct. Companies that share, interact get prioritised.

Result: Big incentive.

Use G+ as an internal communication WIKI and external communication tool.

With Friends and Acquaintances, you can upload pics, docs, vids to share with the staff [privately] and then message publicly. You got a training document, internal comms, share these with only ONE group of people.

A new product or service, again use picasa, documents, videos etc… and share with your business. Share great stories of your employees and make your company be like one which values its staff.

Result: Big business incentive, increases communication, reduces costs and centralises internal and external comms!

Where is your profile for company name now with G+ in SERPS?

My name is number 3 in G+. Wow.. instant domination of SERPS! I wonder with how many +1’s I can rank even higher!

Result: No brainer

Social / Pro mix:

FB only really has personal ID’s. G+ I hope will have business ones. So.. your personal profile doesn’t castigate others, it looks like you’re still friends without all the various blocking with FB has.

If G+ rolls out business one quick, and if it integrates with people from work allowed to use both for business and pleasure, then people will integrate them both. In effect, people sneak on FB at work.. if they’re allowed as it’s a WIKI / social private network interface [as I pointed out in point two above], they’ll get take up by natural attraction, not attrition.]


Facebook’s tedium and privacy woes vs. Google Plus +:

I have photos on Picasa I want to share, I have to download and upload with FB or just share one link which tells others there’s more photos in the album. G+ just has the one or more photos to share in the album. Genius.

FB’s privacy policies about owning data vs. Google Plus +

In terms of efficiency and user interface it’s harder than G+‘s. Additionally, at times they introduce new functionality [like only showing active user’s posts with you, vs. those who aren’t so active]. Means I miss my uncle’s message to me. G+ sorts out messages and priorities, a lot like twitter’s groups!

Result: Never miss an important message again = productivity. Don’t worry that the incriminating photo of you drink is going to haunt you for life.

Android and G+ app is a LOT, LOT more stable on the OS than Facebook’s it is the master of internal communications with mobile devices.

Imagine that a company can communicate 24/7 with it’s employees and those that have Android as company phones can benefit from integrating company email, or even replace it with a social media messaging tool. This is a big factor of how G+ rules over FB.

Indeed, Google if smart, will include G+ on all the latest handset OSes and not include that of Facebook :-D. I myself have so many errors on my Android phone with Facebook, I’ve already swapped over.

Google Android comes up with a productivity suite, with docs, videos, G+ and other apps to allow businesses to be more efficient. It can take on RIM and FB in one go!


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