Forrester Release Free Report on Monetising Facebook

Forrester facebook download report free

Today, 22 June, 2012:

Forrester has posted a new free complimentary report  entitled, “It’s Time To Make Facebook Marketing Work” to download. The report outlines how marketers added value in their marketing strategy. Realistically it synergises what a lot of people have been reporting for some-time. Still, it is a great free and short report if you are just coming into social media marketing.

The report concludes with three practices and strategies to better engage the Facebook channel.

Point 1

Facebook fails marketers with its advertising. It is far too simplified and fails to actively engage.

Facebook has tried many times to market brands & charged marketeers for doing so.

Perhaps Facebook ought to set up internal departments to aid marketeers to do so and to do so correctly.

The first action is to leverage Facebook via strategising one’s “Goal Setting, Content, And Integration”

  • The Forrester report suggests that  the marketer must have clear objectives. This goes without saying.
  • Many company Facebook channels are created just because it is there, rather than how it ought to be used in the mix.
  • The report suggests adding differentiated content like ad-free applications.

Point 2

Drive love into the brand and the love of other’s with your brand.

  • Just driving the FB “likes” is fair enough but it does little more than drive instant traffic once. There is no engagement after the ‘like’ acquisition.
  • As a marketeer the results of driving ‘likes’ maybe seen as ambiguous in terms of driving interest in a brand. It is no more than a driving ‘fad’ IMHO.
  • Engage the desires of consumers and create interactivity based on your brand’s principles.
  • I would have added and something off brand which is fun nonetheless.
  • Contests and games are great but for business to business having something fun but related adds value. e.g: Tell us the best app that helps your productivity. Win fun & work apps

Point 3

Forrester suggest the iron-hand when using Facebook for business

  • The report suggests that things can go badly when departments using Facebook are not suitably trained or on top of the etiquette. This indeed is true. However, this is more fault of the communications director not being on top of the communications policy.
  • I suggest keeping Facebook fun and personal, yet professional. Perhaps most importantly the new communications departments ought to be managing personal brands. With this in mind each department and professional acting as the company will be more focused on keeping their personal brand in line with the brand they are representing.
Some interesting diagrams from the Facebook report show how Facebook has become more integral in making buying decisions.
Social Networks are becoming more important influencing buying decisions
Social Networks are becoming more important influencing buying decisions

Download report here