Email Marketing – Numbering Properly and Avoiding Mistakes

I caught a great article today on that’ll be of great interest to consultants or web-sites offering great information chunks. When producing value articles, it is best to volumise them. Not only are they great references, but they give the impression of the weight of the information you produce over time. A great example is one done by FreePint.

The summary of the hints were as follows:

  1. Don’t use double numbering: Example to avoid: Volume 2, Issue 1. Number 4. Choose Issue 1. or Number 1, but not both numbering conventions. This is a personal bug bear of mine!
  2. Use common Arabic numbering instead of Roman Numerals. It’ll be easier to understand for your reader.
  3. Over time, have some continuity of purpose in your numbering/volume scheme so that it makes sense to your readership. It ought to be predictable.
  4. Your numbering/volume scheme should not change until the purpose or scope of your email newsletter changes.

Best of luck with your newsletters.