Lucas Fox

Marketing Adviser {Freelancer} 

01/11/10 – 19/06/2012  Lucas Fox, Barcelona

Managing and developing communication, collaboration and marketing strategies for Lucas Fox. Overseeing a team of two. Primary focus to increase client lead generation and brand awareness nationally and internationally.

  • Off-line: Initiating and implementing company marketing & PR strategy. Planning press activity, created sales collateral and point of sale materials, marcoms and signage, branding, advertising, new product development and strategic partnerships and brand collaboration
  • On-line: Implementation of SEO, SMO, PPC, ad-banner, portal advertising, linking and email marketing. Blog content planning and sourcing / managing content partners. Oversaw CRM change requests
Day to day tasks included
  • Analytics
  • Branding
  • SEO
  • CRM & re-engagement
  • Social Media
  • Overseeing production of market reports
  • Office decoration / branding
  • On and off-line PR
  • Press folders & packs
  • Sales / marketing materials and processes
  • Ecommerce
  • Portal advertising / banners
  • Strategic alliances / associations
  • Viral marketing
  • Content Management
  • Blogging
  • Vlogging
  • Press relations
  • Email Marketing
  • Real Estate POS creation
  • Real Estate Signage
  • New service development and definition
  • ebook creation


  • Traffic & lead generation: 200% increase in visitors & inquiries year on year
  • Social media: Increased total visitors to site via social media channels 17%
  • Retention marketing: Developed campaigning to solicit 1 in 4 leads monthly leads from reactivated clients
  • PR. Coverage in national and international high end trade, corporate and consumer publications including: The Financial Times, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Times, The Telegraph, A Place In the Sun, O.P.P, & El Mundo
  • Brand Collaboration & Association: Hildon


“Having worked with Anthony on a variety of projects I’ve always been really impressed by his knowledge of everything in his field. He is very forward thinking in his approach and proactive in getting things done, with a constant eye for the positioning of the company. Anthony is a very thorough person, focusing on every detail from briefing to delivery making sure everything stays on track. He works consistently to strengthen brand recognition, ensuring brand guidelines are adhered to and expanded upon. He has a high energy approach and is always a pleasure to work with.” May 14, 2012
David Robinson Creative Director, Bespoke (contractor) worked directly with you

“During my time at Lucas Fox marketing department Anthony was the most motivating and skilful manager I’ve worked with. He supported me with professionally written assignments that were easy to follow. Anthony was a great teacher and motivator. He is also considered a marketing wiz and answered all questions I had with detail and enthusiasm. 

I value the time working with Anthony as a great time where I learned several new things and perhaps a start of a new career. 

I would recommend Anthony to anybody who needs a motivating and enthusiastic manager in their company” October 12, 2011 Alexander AnderssonCorporate Rentals, Lucas Fox reported to Anthony at Lucas Fox

“Working on in-house projects for Anthony’s marketing department at Lucas Fox is a consistently rewarding experience. Anthony manages a host of short-term and long-term projects to successful delivery, with a desire to acknowledge individual and team achievements. He thrives in a fast-paced work environment, and has a strong ability to multitask and execute; he actions his ideas deliberately, timely and consistently with good business sense. Working for Anthony is an exercise in getting things done fast, with high energy and attention to quality. If you want increased company visibility and strong reputation management, Anthony certainly has the technical and strategic chops, and the drive, to make it happen.” October 10, 2011 Eivind (Ivin) Graven,
Language Professional / Content Editor / Interim Community Manager, Various Companies / Not-For-Profits
 was a consultant or contractor to Anthony at Lucas Fox

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