Marketing Manager / Email Marketing Specialist

01/01/09 – 01/07/09 @ Enormo SA, Barcelona

Head of Enormo’s marketing and e-message delivery. Overseeing a department of 6 data-specialists. Role involved creating start to end production of in-house and commercial emarketing and ebusiness materials.
  • Daily acquisition and retention campaign delivery, targeting, analysis and reporting and market positioning.


  • Increased email lead generation threefold within 2 months.
  • Realized 10% conversion of inbound email leads.
  • 500,000 email sends PCM
  • Segmented daily email marketing campaigns to over 50 countries in 7 languages.
  • Monthly total send click-through to conversion rate of 10%


“Anthony runs our email marketing team with an awesome mix of creativity and professionalism. Give him a business need, and he’ll respond with a campaign that perfectly presents the product and, through its sparkiness, drives inbound traffic and leads that convert at the drop of a hat.”
May 4, 2009  Rosie Cade, Press & Industry Liaison, Enormo (colleague)

“I had the chance and the luck to work with Anthony for one year, and I can say it’s been a pleasure to work with such a valuable team-mate. He’s hardworker, has impressive organizational skills and is able to communicate with all the management level. Moreover he always meets the deadlines and has good strategic view. On a personal point of view, Anthony is absolutely a reliable person and his positive attitude helps the quality of the team work.”
August 29, 2011 Wilma Vanni, Senior Sales Executive at Enormo (Barcelona)