How To Easily Transfer Photos from an iPad to your Apple Mac

How To Easily Transfer Photos from an iPad to your Apple Mac

  • First Connect your iPad. Plug your iPad via the USB into your Mac

Launch the iPhoto Application.

  • This is the trick. If you have configured iPhoto to automatically open when connecting a digital camera or your iPad, this application will auto launch when you connect your iPad.
  • If you have NOT configured this to launch, then launch iPhoto from the Apple Dock or from your Applications folder.

Import photos from your iPad to your Mac.

  • iPhoto take a few minutes to import all the  images on your Camera Roll.
  • You can inspect the ones imported or not. Just press the big blue button in the top right hand side of the screen.
  • You can click and select all or just click photos individually you wish to import.I recommend clicking on shift and hold to select the photos you wish to include for import.
  • Once you have decided on the photos  click the blue Import Selected button.
  • If you wish to import all photos, click the black Import [number of photos not yet imported] Photos and you can import the remaining photos.

Where to find your photos on your Mac?

  • The photos be imported to your iPhoto library. You can only share or edit them in drawback
  • After importing the photos, you may choose to save or delete the imported images.