How to easily convert .Wav’s to Aiff for use in Garage Band

How to convert .wav’s to .aiff format for Garage Band

I love using Looperman and other sources to find loops that I need to use in GarageBand. My friend Brillstereodeck also creates loops and I needed a way to easily import these into Garageband without any hassles.

Here’s how to easily convert into AIFF format in iTunes 11.1.3.(8)

First is very easy, but you will have to go into your preferences twice. This is not my preferred way

Import Settings to Aiff for importing to garageband

1. Open iTunes
2. Select Preferences
3. Press Import settings
4. New tab opens, with import settings.
5. Choose AIFF encoder
6. Press Okay
7. Make a new playlist in iTunes
8. Drag and drop your .wavs into playlist
9. This auto coverts to .AIFF
10. I would go back into import settings and change back to your preferred settings like .aac or .mp3 otherwise it’ll convert everything to .aiff

My preferred way

How to convert .wavs to .aiffs easily iTunes garageband

1. Open iTunes and the folder with your .wavs.
2. For the sake of convenience make a new playlist in iTunes
3. Copy the .wavs into iTunes {drag and drop}
4. Press CMD + A {MAC} or Control A {PC}
5. Right click on the highlighted files you wish to convert
6. Select Create AIFF Version from the menu
7. Voila let the files convert.

I normally trash the .wavs after.