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In this section you find projects that were being integrated or considered before I had left my previous employers, and I had to move on for career purposes. Some of the projects were done by past employers, other not.

The projects demonstrate how thinking outside the box may create new client acquisition and retention opportunities. Here are some of my favourites.

Anthony Leaton Future Marketing PR projects Norfolk
Lucas Fox Luxe: Showcasing inventory to pre-qualified clients in an exclusive environment


The Luxe concept was to showcase properties in a glossy high end magazine format to pre-qualified clients. The purpose was to showcase properties that were on the market but are unable to be found on the main portal. However, when presented to pre-qualified and background checked clients this highly visual format would have been appealing.

In December 2012, the company finally decided to launch the project. It had already been planned and designed 14 months previously. The new site may be viewed here.


The site would be password protected and would solely be via invite.

The invitations would be given at a face-to-face event and via a digital key carried on a USB key [see marcoms examples].


The project has various planned implementations.

Using local company and brand associations the portal was envisioned developing into a high-end community direct to supplier.

Aspects from the Lucas Fox Luxe design were picked up by the company’s IT developer for another project.



Online Customer Acquisition Via Chat


My proposed solution was to open up a more immediate way for web-visitor’s data to be acquired via opening up the most cost effective client acquisition channel, to reduce client contact form abandonment and increase the company’s commitment to client service.

At the time this channel was being considered costs of client acquisition varied between 9 – 1,000 EUR per qualified client. The project to be considered a success would have been to acquire one client per month. The chances of this project failing due to ROI failure would have been minimal.

Client acquisition had increased 200% in a one-year period. Still from analytics there was a fair amount of ‘contact form’ abandonment. I envisioned chat was envisioned as a way to solicit more client data and acquisition.

Note: As far as I am aware I have not seen on-line chat being used in real-time on a real-estate site. I have only seen SKYPE chat. My ethos was to use a plug-in that is not reliant on any particular application and could be used on different OSes and mobile devices.


First was to implement the application on the English portal and to use the chat facility during opening hours. Potentially this would have included Saturdays when web-traffic was at its peak.

It would have then been rolled out in the Spanish language. Other languages were to be considered once support was available in-house.


The cost of implementing this test was exceptionally low. The advantage of using this service was its compatibility and ease of use.  IT support for the product would be direct with the service provider. Cost of product implementation is negligible.

Implementing two users trialling English and Spanish would be just $15 USD using Zopim 2 as the provider.

Upgrading to 5 users over time would just cost $39 USD per month. Cost per conversion at the time using electronic channels was variable. At the time this channel was being considered costs of client acquisition varied between 9 – 1,000 EUR per qualified client.

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