Google Analytics Academy Course Completion 2018

Google Analytics Academy Course Certification Completion 2018

Pleased with myself having took and passed Google’s the annual analytics academy course this Friday!  On to the recognised certification this week so wish me luck. If you wondered what they looked like here they are. Sadly there’s no PDF, I had to grab screenshots.

Google Analytics Academy 2018

Google Analytics Academy Certification 2018

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Using Floola? How to get the FWID for iPod Classic & Nano For Mac

How To Get The FWID in MacOS for iPod Classic & Nano

Three easy steps how to get this information. This works with OS Mavericks. All other forms printed on the net are now obsolete for the new OSes for Mac.

  1. Go to applications menu in your Mac
  2. Find utilities
  3. Open Disk Utility
  4. Click on the Apple IPod Media
  5. Look at the bottom of the screen
  6. Smile when you find iPod USB Serial Number : XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Easy… now you can use this for Floola. Good luck. If it helped you, write a comment below

Why I think Facebook should hire me

Why I think Facebook should hire me?

I got up this morning, turned on my trusty Mac and I pondered. What would be my dream job? Answer: Facebook. Why do I say this? I smell opportunity that industry experts have been either too reserved to comment on or too blind to see. In fact I am going to impart a few ideas I have which can generate at  $M’s.

I’d like to meet you in Barcelona, Spain and have lunch. Not only are my ideas highly profitable, but they easy to implement and reinforce Facebook’s number one priority – keeping its garden clean.

Facebook ‘Reach’

Let’s look at Google. They have a standard of excellence as they impart excellence. The biggest difference between your companies is that Google tries to get into your garden (through analytical products), whereas Facebook is a garden. So why doesn’t Facebook get its users to be better gardeners?

The gardeners are basically users, organisations and businesses. Facebook has a reactive policy, not a proactive policy in maintaining its garden. Is it not time to launch an official qualification in Facebook analytics and best practice? You can throw courses, workshops and maybe be able to support this once Facebook Work becomes a reality.

Let’s look at the financials from Google. In 2013, there were around 20,000 certified individuals. At $50 a pop for just the ad-words exam (not including analytics one) Google made about $1.3M. I think if you teamed up with app development companies to create apps that helped advertisers, there’s a nice profit share right there. Next, with other developers to create better UX, based on best practice (see next heading).

Facebook ‘Knows’

The strategy to win a marketing account is simply, ‘knowing‘. You have all the data to know what campaigns work and how they were employed. So why not create reports based on successful campaigns. If you approached these companies to use them in a case study – you could compete with Gartner. Now Gartner say they have 14,000 valued partners. If you sold seasonal reports – Winter / Summer $2,000, plus quarterly analysis $500 to the same base we’re talking earnings of $3.5M. With your data you could probably make a mint out of best practice / analysis per industry. I’ll get to that in a bit.

Reaching out to business is not hard. Your data identifies the individuals responsible for the campaign. Probably 7 times in 10, the individual responsible for the campaign has used their personal log-in rather than the bosses or company’s. You could reach out to a lot more ‘partners’ via Facebook and get them to write up the case study, while you inject other analysis. That’s one tasty report. I hope for lunch you buy me a tasty burger.

Ad-network / User Network Collaboration

Of course with any new update, personnel and practice becomes obsolete. Wouldn’t you prefer to incorporate all the highest ad spenders, bloggers, advocates and successful Facebook campaign running businesses into a brainstorming UX update? This means fewer reactive changes to any new cosmetic or functionality updates. In addition to saving ‘face’ you on-board these partners to be later advocates.

This means more courses, more best practice reports and it means you are ready to launch a new update with fewer hitches. Cost.. NDA’s. Revenue about $1.1M

Facebook ‘Reach’ Part 2

Have you ever reached out to advertisers directly, not through email but by chat? Don’t you think that if someone reached out proactively by saying hey, I’m reaching out to you to:

  1. Do a case study / report
  2. Offer advice on your last campaign, pop on to a free conference at our HQ
  3. Give them a darn free tshirt for being a best practice champion
  4. Tell them about the qualifications / reports
  5. Incentivise them?
  6. Offer
  7. Hey why not some free ad-spend credit, as your advice is so good try it for yourself

What Google does not do is tell its advertisers to be better advertisers proactively. This is an important thing to consider – true differentiation. If someone from Google reached out to me and said this, wouldn’t this be the talk of the office? Time to ramble on a bit. I used to contribute to WIKIPAEDIA. I loved it when a page / subject admin would pop up and have a chat. It’s something really personal. It made my day. Mark – try doing some Wikipedia yourself. It’s a right buzz!

Where’s the big money at?

Right now if we cut through to the chase your product is big data for business strategists and engagement for individuals / marketers.

Let’s look at just three golden goose industries. There are more. The point of this is to monetise  social responsibility. The adult, video game and pharmaceutical industries have tried many engagement tactics. I think its time you tidied up your garden and recognised this.

To be continued…….


How To Care For A Canvas Tote Bag

How To Care For A Canvas Tote Bag

Recently I worked in a promotional marketing printer & supplier. Here are a few hints and tips about tote bags and how to care for them.

What are tote bags?

Tote bags are literally like a shopping bag. The handles differ in length and diameter. Materials differ and should be considered when you decide to purchase them. As a marketer it is best to consider WHEN and WHERE they are going to be used. In warmer climates – just go with the usual canvas tote, if you are holding an event in winter, or during the rainy part of the year I would recommend a nylon or plastic tote. Why? Simply as they are made from unwashed cotton – meaning they will shrink and deform, plus all the contents will probably get stuck together. Basically, you’ve given away something of low value and it could hurt your brand.

A recent study suggested that promotional bags are the way to go. Basically 9 in 10 people remember tote bags vs. other giveaways. You can download a HUGE report on promotional items and their use / take up in 2014 from the Impressions Study – Advertising Specialties Institute.

So back to what I said previously, if its going to be remembered – then the experience has to be equally as good right. Now I get to meat of this blog.

These bags are cheap to buy and not too expensive to print on. Depending on the quantity, say 100 bags plus a one colour print, it’s about £1.25 a unit for a canvas bag. Now, it’s cheap and it’s unwashed cotton. What does that mean? It shrinks. A tshirt is made from cotton that’s been shrunk before. Okay tshirts do shrink, but not like unwashed / non pre-shrunk cotton will. I washed one bag and it shrunk about 2 inches. WHAT… yes.. it shrinks a lot. This means what was printed on it is going to reduce. Imagine if I had chosen transfer printing on it. A dogs dinner right? So go with screen printing or DTG.

Care Instructions: Spot Cleaning a Canvas Tote

  • Dab / blot stains and marks on the tote with a sponge
  • Wash the the sponge, scrunch up and dab the areas again
  • Let it dry

Care Instructions: Washing a Canvas Tote Bag

  • It’s best to hand wash with cold water and laundry detergent.
  • Cold water will prevent the bag from shrinking a lot.
  • Make sure you rinse the detergent out
  • Reshape the canvas tote then hang to dry
  • Do not put a canvas tote bag in a dryer
  • Iron the bag!

I hope this helps you. Please leave a comment below.

How to Change User Interface / GUI From Black – White Adobe Indesign CC

How to change Adobe Indesign Illustrator From Black to White

How to Change User Interface / GUI From Black – White Adobe Indesign CC

Adobe recently changed the user interface GUI in Adobe Indesign CC and Adobe Illustrator CC from a default white to a default black. For me this was a massive visual change. Here’s how to change the user interface using Indesign’s menus to get back to business as usual. It works the same  for Illustrator once you know what to look for!

Step 1: Launch App

  • Launch the Adobe Indesign CC application

Step 2: Select Preferences

  • Go to the InDesign or Illustrator name in the menu bar, select preferences in the menu & then interface from the drop down menu & click

How to change Adobe Indesign Illustrator From Black to White
First step: Goto Indesign logo, select preferences & then interface & click
Second step: Go to Indesign logo, select preferences & then interface & click

Step 3: Choose Theme

  • A menu preference box for Adobe InDesign CC will appear.
  • Select the interface button on the left hand side [2nd item in picture]
  • Look right to see the heading Appearance
  • The GUI for Adobe Indesign CC in the menu is defaulted at Color Theme: Medium Dark
  • Click the Color Theme to bring down the menu.
How to change the user interface from black to white Adobe InDesign CC
Select Interface [2nd item down on the left] & the right panel shows the present colour scheme.
Select Interface [2nd item down on the left] & the right panel shows the present colour scheme.

Step 4: Customise & Finish

  • Select ‘LIGHT’ to return it back to the old style default grey/white Adobe InDesign GUI in the new Adobe InDesign CC you know and love.
  • You’re done. Read the next step for customisation.

Change adobe cc interface gui from black to white

Step 5: Further Customisation

  • On the right hand side, next to the drop down color scheme in the interface menu, notice the percentage field.
  • Selecting this menu item will bring down a sliding bar. You may then only make the colour scheme GUI / interface in Adobe CC InDesign darker shades.
  • Using the slider chooses a new theme name.
  • Adjust to your taste.
  • Please ‘LIKE’ on Facebook, Twitter and Comment if I helped!

Make the Interface in Adobe CC lighter or darker shades of grey
Using the slider next to theme you may make the interface lighter or darker.
Using the slider next to theme you may make the interface lighter or darker.


Blackguards Chapter 3 – Lysander’s “5 Lice Quest” Walkthrough

Chapter 3 - Lysander 5 Lice Quest - Blackguards Walkthrough The Infamous Chapter 3 – Lysander’s “5 Lice Quest” Walkthrough

Chapter 3 opens with a flashback quest which caused me a lot of grief. The key to winning Blackguards is to get back to basics and prepare before going into battle. Note that this quest ends differently to other levels. This level does not end after you’ve killed off all enemy NPCs nor the boss – it ends once you are at the exit to the level. The basics of this game are: know the terrain, know your characters and act! So we start with 2 characters – one mage and your PC and a map which has 2 separate levels [on an incline]. Your characters at the bottom of the map are not in the FoV of the lice at the top of the map! So, this level has 2 separate operations – choke point and then run away with one last melee fight with one character. Think:

  • What am I carrying?
    My hunter was equipped with an Axe, 15 arrows, 2 traps and a bow. Aurelia has a mana and healing potion and a knife.
  • How can I use these resources to turn the battle?
    Set traps, heal my healer and a healed mage helps the melee fighter. Your witch can alternate between being a spell and melee fighting [as she hits hard] and healing.
  • Can I use the terrain in the Lysander Lice Quest to my advantage?
    • Yes. The quest for 5 lice is near complete by using a choke point.
    • You will note that there’s some fallen rocks which is about as far as your character may travel to on the first go.

Strategy for the 5 lice map

Create a “5 lice” choke point

  • Before entering the fight equip your main PC with a melee weapon. 95% of this battle is close quarters. My hunter bow misses more times than it hits at short distance.
  • Move the characters so they are on the two squares of the choke point. You may now be attacked by a maximum of 3 lice at a time – not surrounded and taking a bashing from 6 lice. You’ve reduced the threat by 65%. Each PC may only be attacked by a maximum of 2 lice.
  • Rather than using a bow, I set a poison trap on the middle hex [in front of my main PC] of the three vacant hexes in front of my PC. This means one louse will have less HP and may be killed off easier by either of your PCs. Aurelia ought to finish the wounded lice off with a good stabbing.
    • If Aurelia does well, she may spit the first attack and stun a second louse. Those are the first 2 easy kills. You will take minimal hits from the third louse if you’ve stunned the other 2. 2 new lice will obviously take up their positions. Basically rinse, wash and repeat the strategy but you may not reset the trap :’-(
  • Using this choke point you are probably down on mana, a little heath but you have easily racked up 5 dead lice. Hurrah. Open that beer as we have done the hardest part.

Ready yourself for the “5 Lice” escape.

  • The lice in the upper part of the screen ought not to have moved.
    • Note: There are enough of them to block and surround one PC. The other PC may flee with more or less impunity.
    • I got surrounded by lice. I hacked and slew one, walked through their carcass and fled to the exit. I had one PC who could easily flee. The other PC was always caught in melee. Recommended action: Hack at one louse with lowest HP and who is nearest the direction exit to the level.
  • Note: At this point the lice may easily surround and kill you both off. Remember you just need to escape now. No heroics. See the exit and leave.
    • Hint: To escape the map – your PCs need to be standing on the exit hexes.
    •  Press V a few times when you think you’re near the exit to escape and make sure your character is on the yellow exit hexes.

You should easily complete this level with a fighter PC. It’s doable with a hunter. I’ve not done this with a mage and a witch. If you have a mage and a witch I refer you back to the opening paragraph that suggests know the terrain, know your characters and act! I hope you can complete this level faster and easier. I thought this flashback added nothing to the game and is frustrating. This level revises the basics of winning the game. If this walk-through of Blackguards Chapter 3 – Lysander’s 5 Lice Challenge was helpful,  please bookmark and comment!

Blackguards Queen Louse 9 Hoards Level Boss Hints, Tips & Cheats

Blackguards Queen Louse 9 Hoards Levels Walkthrough
Queen Louse & Lice – Final 9 Hoards Level – Blackguards Walkthrough

This level is particularly hard. A battle is won if you know the terrain and to revise what your characters are carrying. I will give advice how I approached this.

Strategy overview for Final 9 Hoards level.

The strategy is to keep Aurelia alive, stop the lice from re-spawning from their drain lairs and to keep player characters on the move, close the drains in sequence and make the lice kill themselves.

  • Your mage is key to winning this battle.
  • You have to protect the mage and use astral potions wisely.
  • Remember that Takate‘s belt has four slots.
    • Swap the belt from Takate and give to your mage.
    • The trade off is that Takate will not be using thrown attacks with axes and javelins. This doesn’t matter so much on this level using my strategy below.
  • If you swap over the belt, your mage will now have a LOT of extra mana to heal, buff your warriors and to spell cast / destroy lice.  I equipped three potions plus one health potion [as the mage always seems to fail due to concentration issues LOL].

It is similar to the previous 2 quests to protect Aurelia that you have already completed :-D.

How to easily kill the lice and the Queen louse in the Final 9 Hoards level

Using the Terrain kill the smaller lice without relying on melee, ranged or magical attacks 

  • You will note there are acid rivers dotted all around the map.
  • Players can walk through this with ease and I had not noticed any damage to my players. I did not see the battle log to see if there was a low level role which I had passed. Once the lice walk through the acid, you will note that they start to ‘steam’*.
  • Once the lice start to steam, there is a 3 turn countdown before they explode.
    • If new lice appear from the drains just lure them through the acid and run away.
  • Make sure your running man does not get surrounded on all sides while closing the drains.
    • What I did was to make my way to a drain and if I was going to get surrounded or the lice were going to blow up was to make a circle around the drain.

How to organise your party to win the Queen Louse 9 Hoards Level

  • For the first few rounds, I sent up two characters, one to the left, the other to right. I sent up my main PC [hunter] and one fighter [dwarf].
    • I used one of my fastest players to speed around and to shut the drains [my main PC is a hunter].
  • After closing the left hand drain, withdraw one fighter [dwarf] to support the mage and engage the Queen.
  • Note: The queen enters the map where ‘Naim’ is placed
    • You need to keep at least one fighter and the mage near Aurelia to take on the Queen and to buff / heal.
  • I lured the Queen louse to the left, closest to a drain I had previously shut, while my drain runner hunter was closing the drains in an anti clockwise fashion. He can then lure the lice to him. Near the end of the battle, if needed, this runner can heal at the fountain on the far left of the map his job is mainly to keep lice away from the main fray.
  • The queen fight is reasonably hard, however I buffed a fighter with a higher AC and kept on healing both the fighters and Aurelia. I also had learned dodge 2 and had my Dwarf with a shield, in full gladiator set armour and Naurim’s axe equipped.
  • This fight is VERY easy if you protect your mage and use the extra slotted belt with mana.
  • Note: Your warriors can survive one or two explosions from the exploding lice.
    • If this looks likely try to take out a louse with ranged / magic of one of the lice that will reach you and will blow up.
    • If you kill a louse which is steaming it won’t blow up.
      • This is handy to know when killing lice which are attacking Aurelia.
      • Remember, lice which have been in contact with the acid blow up after 3 turns.

*I’m guessing the acid on the ground is some form of aqueous sodium hydroxide which does not affect the player characters.

Good luck, I hope this helps you! Please leave a comment if it did :-D.