Email Marketing Definition

Definition: What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is sending a direct marketing message via electronic mail (email). Email marketing is associated with periodic promotional or message marketing. It has evolved with the introduction of email marketing tools and analytics to segment and make messaging more relevant. Recently automated marketing sends targeted emails based on the passive and active actions of the recipient. Apart from a web-site, in 2017 it is still classed as the most effective digital marketing channel . 

Why is email marketing used and regulated? 

Email marketing is used for retention and inbound marketing rather than new client acquisition. This is because stricter data regulation (email addresses) has forced marketers to acquire and use recipient data with their consent.

In the early days of the web email was an acquisition tool – we all remember spam right?

Nowadays strict data and privacy laws regulate email marketing and the use of client data. Europe now has one of the strictest digital data holding laws under the new GDPR legislation. GDPR applies to all companies handling citizens of the EU regardless of the company’s location.

Consent is via the following following:

  • Obtain consent just before you send an email
  • Obtain it again each time you want to contact a person for a different product or campaign
  • Company must be identified in the communications
  • Laymen’s terms explanations must be given how the data will be used
  • Include all explanations of anyone you share the data with (remember Google and Facebook).

Why Email Campaigns Get Classed As Spam?

Emails senders fall foul of being classed as spam by email delivery tools for a few factors.

Complaints happen due to emails frequency (how often a message is desired),  targeting, tone, truthfulness or relevance.

Typically an email campaign is classed as ‘spam’ if more than 1 in 1,000  recipients complain.

Good email marketing is understanding the recipient and encouraging them to part with data to ‘not waste their time’ with unnecessary and irrelevant sales messages.