Social Media

Definition: Social Media

Social media is a channel that allows individuals or organisations to transmit a message in an online social space. Messages are not limited to sector b2b or b2c. Unlike other traditional forms of marketing messages are often shared and have goals set by its prevalence with the target groups. Engagement in social media is often by the target market, b2b, b2c and better its reach between consumers themselves – c2c (consumer to consumer).

Successful social media happens when it connects to the target group. This includes its resonance – emotionally (e.g. cat and dog pictures / quotes / political campaigns) or practical use (e.g. professional articles, how to guides).

Social media takes place in different spaces. These spaces may be seen to be hosted, rented or occupied.

  1. Hosted is your own blog, community or forum
  2. Rented the usual social networks (e.g. YouTube, Twitter, G+Facebook etc) plus third-party communities (e.g. Band, Line etc),
  3. Occupied where you comment and contribute (e.g Reddit).Social media uses a variety of media including; text, video, images and sound.

    There is no-killer one form of content for social media. Social media campaigns succeed by accurately profiling the recipient, knowing the motivations and predicting the likely outcome of it.