Digital Marketing Definitions

Digital Marketing Definitions & Meanings

Digital marketing terms and their definition and meaning is hard to know if you are not in the digital marketing industry. My aim is to explain these terms from experience and to offer a simple way of understanding these terms. To be honest many terms are ‘coined’ by influencers and experts. Anyone in the industry moves uneasy when they have to say when is Web 3.0 as it has been nearly a decade since Web 2.0.

To illustrate, I continually have to explain is the difference between content marketing, content optimisation and onsite optimisation. I will cover these.

Some terms fall into grey areas e.g: is a blog content? Is it social media?
One of my favourites is ‘ viral content’.

I will cover the most commonly used terms found on this website. Please add a comment if I have note covered a definition clearly. Enjoy these pages!