Yoigo’s Customer Service Goes The Extra Mile

There are some companies that are most receptive to acquiring clients than building a relationship with existing clients. This is of course a recipe for disaster for any business to survive long-term.

In Spain I have seen both companies large and small failing with customer service with existing clients. Anyway, one company which surprised me today with failing via one channel to answer a question replied super quick via another. It was great to see a Spanish company leading with quick and trouble free customer service. Let me give you the background.

I presently use Yoigo for mobile calls and data here in Spain. The network is not bad. It backbones off the Movistar network so network coverage is good.

If you are with another network and have a great phone  I would recommend that that trial Yoigo’s Tarifa Infinita. For 30 euros [without VAT] you can call both landlines and mobiles like a madman + 1 GB of fast mobile. Of course there’s the ‘reasonable use’ caveat. The offer runs until the 28th August 2012.

Other than the tariff, what shocked me was Yoigo’s customer service.  I was surprised not only by the medium, but the technology and the response time. It actually gave me what I wanted within 2 minutes without having to speak to anyone.

What happened?

First I called their customer service on 622. I got a nice little message about everyone’s on the phone. The answer phone lady said… why not send a SMS to 622 with your enquiry free of charge. I thought hey, I have nothing to loose.. let’s do it!

Call me sceptical, but I thought they were having a laugh. I want to change my tariff to one of their new funky ones. As directed, I texted I want to change tariff from X to Y.

In less than 30 seconds I got a reply saying ‘message received’ by an auto responder. Shortly after I got a text saying from next month we will change your tariff.

Now, that was just mind blowing. I will of course see if the tariff has changed but still – well done Yoigo for some crazy quick customer service.

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  1. Yoigo….any good? Well let´s just say that the network service is excellent but customer service leaves a lot to be desired!! After being recommended by the shop to replace my ailing Nokia X7 with a ´flagship´ Samsung S3 it lasted a whole 5 weeks before the mic packed up. The advised 8 to 10 day repair dragged into 25 days, not ideal when I rely on a mobile internet connection for my work. After visiting the store on numerous occasions, all three assistants informed me that I would be receiving a brand new ´boxed´ phone. It was pretty obvious that when I picked it up it was the original unit….imei number being identical as the one on my original contract! Well, it lasted a whole 16 days before the same problem occurred so it was back to the store……must admit that even the assistants were surprised that it had not been replaced…..their computer terminal instore indicated ´new unit!!´ So off it goes again..this time only 17 days….picked it up today, still the original unit ´repaired´ again but assured it would be fine. Hmmmm…..lasted for 3 calls, approx 5 hours….and now the local store is closed for 2 weeks holiday!!!
    During the first ´repair´ I wrote to clientes@yoigo.com setting my dissatisfaction, raising a number of relevant points which needed to be addressed individually….all I got back from their customer services dept was “sorry for the inconvenience”. I sent a follow up letter which received no response. I wonder what sort of response
    I´ll get this time!!??

    1. Sorry to hear you had a bad time. I think it does depend on the store and the attitude of the staff. I’ve never had to return a phone and I’ve the same make and model as yours. I’ve had it for 10 months without incident. Still, most phone outlets don’t like faulty phone repairs. I think the best bet is Apple as any problems with the phone its drop it in, get it repaired or get a replacement pretty much there and then!

      Back to Yoigo. I’d get an hoja de reclamacion and complain. Remember to keep the top copy and the green copy. The top copy you have to drop into an official government office, the green copy you keep.

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