Content production has a wide scope of creative and semi-technical specialisms e.g. graphic design, writing, video, PR, social media, etc.

There are different content styles per sector – b2b, b2c, corporate etc.

The fundamentals of SEO are the same across all industries. Optimising per media type e.g. Video vs. a Blog is different for SEO.

Content Optimisation Changes Per End Media

Content is affected by its delivery media and technological advances.

Search engines themselves have stipulated that fast experience is good, slow is bad.

Technological advances and mandates from search engines has resulted in a very impatient audience that wants information presented in an easy and quick to digest fashion.

To paraphrase Oliver Twist, your audiences have moved from wanting more, quickly, right now with don’t bore or try to mislead me.

Content production specialists who lead in this field typically use front loaded content (e.g. inverted pyramid for scripts, landing pages, etc).

Presently for content marketing this is where it is at for most vertical industries (research, medicine, pharma, education sectors use old school educational content structures).

The audience now wants to skip from the ‘yeah I kinda know that already’ (foreplay), to ‘I want to explore and have quick interaction with a show me, don’t tell me not tell me without asking what I want before!

Content Styles Change Consistently With Technological Changes, The Heart of Content SEO Optimisation is Relatively Static

Written and other content styles have changed. Between 2011 to 2019 is content is consumption has shifted from the desktop, to mobile app, mobile browser and now to smart devices (assistants). Content is consumed via AR and VR devices (wearable or otherwise).

This means, content production has to be optimised to the media for an audience. The content department must have an in depth understanding of what needs to be produced, how it is done, and the expected result.

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