How to contact a human being at T-mobile

How to contact T-Mobile’s Customer Service

I recently had a problem with T-mobile. Simply I wanted to change tariff and to get my user-password reset. I tried calling 150 and its impossible to find a route to speak to someone. Back in 2006, T-mobile impressed me. They had a great customer service. I would call 150 and speak to someone within a few seconds.

I had read about their automated frustrating service and I came across how to try to fool the automated service by pressing 0,0,0,0. This sadly no-longer works

The new way to contact T-Mobile’s Customer Service

The only effective way to contact T-mobile is via their Facebook page. They are reasonably quick to answer your replies. I resolved my query in 2 days. That was more my fault than theirs. I did however get what I wanted and I have to say they were helpful. I did ask them to contact me by phone, but they did not do this.

I think if you have a serious issue you may wish to consider the alternatives. Which are pay 25 pence a minute to speak to someone. This I believe if you wish to cancel a contract with them is a big blow beneath the belt. It’s very implausible that a mobile phone company refuses to speak via ‘phone to its consumers. As a consumer, I recommend you go to a T-mobile or EE shop and get resolution there. Realistically it is your only channel.

The only other way to get satisfaction is to complain to trading standards or Ofcom as I believe their ‘phone based customer service stone-walling and then diverting calls to a premium help-line just shows how bad their service looks. Thankfully I am on a PAYG contract. Converting to a monthly contract, for I, is now off the table. T-mobile appears¬† not to care about customer service. I refuse to conjoin with a company that does not offer any client facing support.