The cheapest playstation move precision 3 – Playstation – PS3 pistol rifle on the internet

I’ve just spotted a real deal on, for the cheapest Precision 3¬† Playstation – PS3 move controller for under 10 EUR. That includes the P&P. Yes, you did read that correctly

About Deal Extreme

The Precision 3 Motion Controller for the PS3: Best Deal Cheapest
The Precision 3 Motion Controller for the PS3

Deal-Extreme, you’ve probably heard of this site? If not then let me introduce you to it. This is the site that’s saved my bacon, especially with Apple connectors, rechargers and cables that I didn’t want to spend 4x the price for something that is quite simple to mass produce. They sell official and unofficial stuff. I recently got an official amplitube iRig guitar effects adapter for the iphone/ipad for 10 EUR, 12 USD and it was official. So do check them out…

The Precision 3 Move Controller For the PS3

Back to the cheapest official move gun for the Playstation – PS3. It’s modeled on a Dessert Eagle and a Glock SMG.

It looks bad-ass and you can take away the navigation clip on handle if you’re playing something like time crisis. This is an ideal present for anyone who loves first person shooters.

I’ve tried the Move with KillZone 3 and Resistance 3. I highly recommend using a gun controller for added geek value and to impress your mates when they walk in the door.

I’ve seen mixed reviews for the Precision 3 move SMG / gun / pistol. You can see 2 video reviews below. The second review is quite good. A lot of people seem to talk about the motion controller’s quality. In the reviews, both seem convinced that it is actually very good!

If you wish to buy the cheapest Precision 3 motion controller pistol on the internet for the PS3, I’ve not come across a European site offering anywhere near this price. It presently retails at 9.83 EUR and $11.90 USD.

I’m unsure if this is new on their books at Deal Extreme. Reviews seem to edge towards the VERY good and good build quality for the Precision 3 move controller for the PS3.

Note: I don’t own one of these myself just yet. I think you’ll agree for just 10 bucks, it’s cheaper than Game’s own gun controller without having a navigation control grip and darn it, it can easily be resold on for the same price at your college, work or uni! So, it’s kinda a good investment.

About Deal Extreme

At Deal Extreme they do good and bad stuff, it does depend obviously what you’re looking for. I say, read the reviews before buying. However, they do official stuff as well.

They sell probably everything you have ever wished for from your corner shop. Yeah baby!

For us here in Europe, the site is very cheap and the cost of sending stuff through the post [i.e. postage and packing] is… FREE!

This really puts deal extreme up there with my most favourite places to shop online when I need some specialist cable, but I have time to wait.

Order it soon for Xmas

If you’re stateside and reading this, order it now for Xmas. It’s an ideal present for kids and big kids of all ages and probably the most fun Playstation Move PS3 accessory for die hard first person shooters. For Europe, you’ll be cutting it close to get it before the 25th December. Still.. if you’re in Spain, then it can wait for Reyes! hahaha.

Buy the cheapest precision move PS3 controller here. It’s quite hard to use Deal Extreme’s search engine, so I do recommend you use the link so you can go there direct.

Video Reviews of the Precision Move Controller

Anyway, here’s a few reviews so you can see what people are saying about the playstation precision 3 controller on the net.