Cheap Food, DVDs, CD’s in Barcelona

Got the Hobnob munchies or missing the all-in-one Argos store? Being an ex-pat you’re faced with buying English literature, fashion and novels at inflated prices. Why? It’s sure profiteering in many cases once you know there’s more options than previously noted.

Books, CDs and DVDS

If you’ve discovered the small selection of FNAC’s English book and video section and tired of waiting 15-30 day for replenished stock items, there is an exceptional alternative. You can order books, movies, PC games, clothes and electronics from You’ll be guaranteed to shout, “I want that one”. Prices are post free to Spain.Surprisingly one can order in Euros and send presents to friends abroad!

Another alternative is This site sells DVDS and CD’s reduced prices. The flip side is one has to wait up to one fortnight wait for delivery.

There’s great second hand book shops in Barcelona most notably Hibernian and Elephant Books. They do great part-exchanges on second-hand books. Finding out of print or hard to find books in the UK is a hassle. If you’re a student or a book enthusiast check out Abe. On this site one can find a host of specialist books from around the Globe.‘s and Play.coms new and used section is another great place to look for books to be sent abroad. You can pick up a good condition book for a lot less than the new cover price. However, second hand postage costs mount up.


Fancy getting your favourite mags cheaply? If you’ve paid for mail redirection, why not get a magazine subscription online? Admittedly, you will receive the magazine a few days later than your mates back home. However, the big bonus is one is not paying inflated international shipping rates. By taking out two or three subscriptions one can make money back on your redirection costs. Payment is the only downfall of this plan. It has to be with a UK credit card. Still there’s a great choice of magazines at cut rate prices here UK Subscribe andWH SMITH ONLINE

Department Stores

If you’re after something specific from Argos, Debenhams and a host of UK high-street stores, one can purchase online at uk shopping in spain. On the flipside, postage costs are steep. But where-else in Spain can you get Eco kettles or an Action Man?


There are quite a few expat stores online and based in Barcelona. Hobnobs are a luxury item at €3.78 expat direct. One of the cheapest stores for English produce is A Taste of Home. Although they are based in Tarragona, their prices are worth a look. They are a third to half less than the competition.


For specialist food types, widely available in UK stores at any mini-market, you will have to be prepared to shop around for these foodstuffs at reasonable rates. El Cortes Ingle stocks ethnic foods, but at a premium. AroundC/ de los Mosques, there’s a stretch of Indian food produce shops. Here one can purchase poppadoms, curry paste, spices, chutneys, rice and ghee. Even henna can be bought for cheap summer DIY tattoos! Prices are more or less similar, per shop. Some nearer the market C/ dels Flassaders are a little cheaper.

East Asian Food

If oriental cuisine is more to your tastes, there’s a large Asian food store 50m from Arc De Triomphe Metro, towards Tetuan. Here you can purchase ingredients to make Thai curries, sushi and most East Asian food types. In these stores you will find all forms of spicy and savoury sauces. Jasmine rice and soy sauce can be picked up for around half the price of El Cortes Ingles.


The good news is that Primark have stores in Spain. Bad news is, they’re not in Barcelona. River Island has opened a store in Portal de L’Angel and Top Man can readily be found. If you’re looking to impress try It’s a European online outlet store with a lot of big designer names. It’s like a TK Max but online but with fewer bargains. However, their sales, they are notably are cheaper than Pull and Bear! Spanish outlet store bargains can be found out of town in La Roca. From Calle Girona 1 upwards and at Heron City, Fabre y Puig, one can find Berksha, Jack Jones, Pull and Bear, Zara and Desigual outlet stores very close together for shopping convenience.