How to change your Twitter header

How to change your Twitter Header

Twitter has added new functionality. You may now change your Twitter profile’s header. It is very easy to do. For those of you who have not heard about it, or who wish to try this new functionality out, its dead easy to do. Here’s a step by step guide how to do it.

Log into your Twitter profile.

Rather than clicking EDIT YOUR PROFILE pictured directly below click the cog wheel icon [see next screen shot].

new functionality twitter update header

The cog wheel settings icon in Twitter is found on the top right of the screen [see image below].

It ought to be next to a big blue button and a search box.

Select the 5th item in the drop down menu labelled ‘settings’.

how to update header twitter new functionality

Next you need to choose the item menu stating ‘design’.

It ought to be the 6th item down on the left hand side column.

You got it, click on the ‘design’ link.

how to update your header in twitter #2

Just below the fold you will see the ‘Customise your own’ header.

Not long now…. In this section you may find out where you may change the new Twitter header!

how to change your header in twitter

See in the screen-shot above it states, ‘change header’. Click on this.

Select the picture from your drive.

how to upload a header picture into twitter

I would use the desktop so you may easily find it.

Twitter allows pictures to be uploaded up to 5mb, which is quite nice!

Once you have found it, press ‘save’.

Note: Twitter has some very strange dimensions that is uses for its new header with recommended dimensions of 1200×600.

I would not worry too much as long as you’ve got some real estate space that may be chopped on the left and right sides.

What Twitter have done is to allow users to ZOOM in the picture.

This  allows the user to crop out parts of the picture if the dimensions are not to Twitter’s standard.

Remember that the text from your biography, your real name and Twitter handle will all appear over the top of the picture so choose the colours of your new Twitter header carefully.

Note: The Twitter header only changes after you press ‘save changes’.

save twitter header

Now scroll to the top of the page, if you are not automatically directed there already, click on your Twitter profile name [highlighted in screen shot] to see the new Twitter header in all its full glory.

new twitter header full glory

Finally you ought to see a big thing in action. !!!!!WOOOT!!!!!

Remember what I said earlier. Your Twitter profile photo is placed in the top middle of the header and your full biography etc.. follows thereunder.

How to change header photo in twitter

So that is how to change your Twitter header.

It’s not a biggie, nor mega technical. Most people can figure it out.

Note: I wrote this article for the less technologically minded or if you missed the recent announcement from Twitter.

So then, how are you finding the new header in Twitter?

I personally have to say, I really like it. I might showcase some better photos once I get some more training in photography. I think if you have very visual Twitter posts this is going to make your day.

Have fun Tweepers. Buy a Twitter hat now and get a Twitter header for free. 😀

Poor joke… Comment’s please :-p