How To Care For A Canvas Tote Bag

How To Care For A Canvas Tote Bag

Recently I worked in a promotional marketing printer & supplier. Here are a few hints and tips about tote bags and how to care for them.

What are tote bags?

Tote bags are literally like a shopping bag. The handles differ in length and diameter. Materials differ and should be considered when you decide to purchase them. As a marketer it is best to consider WHEN and WHERE they are going to be used. In warmer climates – just go with the usual canvas tote, if you are holding an event in winter, or during the rainy part of the year I would recommend a nylon or plastic tote. Why? Simply as they are made from unwashed cotton – meaning they will shrink and deform, plus all the contents will probably get stuck together. Basically, you’ve given away something of low value and it could hurt your brand.

A recent study suggested that promotional bags are the way to go. Basically 9 in 10 people remember tote bags vs. other giveaways. You can download a HUGE report on promotional items and their use / take up in 2014 from the Impressions Study – Advertising Specialties Institute.

So back to what I said previously, if its going to be remembered – then the experience has to be equally as good right. Now I get to meat of this blog.

These bags are cheap to buy and not too expensive to print on. Depending on the quantity, say 100 bags plus a one colour print, it’s about ¬£1.25 a unit for a canvas bag. Now, it’s cheap and it’s unwashed cotton. What does that mean? It shrinks. A tshirt is made from cotton that’s been shrunk before. Okay tshirts do shrink, but not like unwashed / non pre-shrunk cotton will. I washed one bag and it shrunk about 2 inches. WHAT… yes.. it shrinks a lot. This means what was printed on it is going to reduce. Imagine if I had chosen transfer printing on it. A dogs dinner right? So go with screen printing or DTG.

Care Instructions: Spot Cleaning a Canvas Tote

  • Dab / blot stains and marks on the tote with a sponge
  • Wash the the sponge, scrunch up and dab the areas again
  • Let it dry

Care Instructions: Washing a Canvas Tote Bag

  • It’s best to hand wash with cold water and laundry detergent.
  • Cold water will prevent the bag from shrinking a lot.
  • Make sure you rinse the detergent out
  • Reshape the canvas tote then hang to dry
  • Do not put a canvas tote bag in a dryer
  • Iron the bag!

I hope this helps you. Please leave a comment below.