Blue Yeti Microphones Connecting to iPad with ‘The connected usb device draws too much power error’


You’re here as you want to use a Yeti microphone with your iPad right?

  • You’ve seen the error: “Cannot Use Device – The connected USB device requires too much power.”

Don’t sweat it: Now time for the good news: There is a solution to get the stomping Yeti working.

But.. there’s bad news: You will have to downgrade your iPad.

Here’s how to get it working with your iPad.

Blue Yeti Too Much Power Error iPad
The Yeti Eats Too Much Power For the New Apple iPad iOS


Why doesn’t the Blue Yeti work with my iPad?

Apple iOS 4.2 altered the maximum power that an iPad device is allowed to draw.

So yes sadly Apple has broken the functionality between devices drawing on iPad’s power. Boo..

Bottom line, your Blue Yeti is now an expensive paper weight.

Apple as much as I love them ought to have enabled a feature whereby people may choose the power they wish to draw. With the latest release of iOS this has not changed either. I don’t believe we’re going to be able to plug in the Blue Yeti without coming across an issue.

Here’s some background why with some iPads it works and why now they don’t!

Previously iPads over iOs 3.2.2 worked with a charge of 100MA. That had just a smidgeon of power left over for the Blue Yeti to work. News around the net has asserted  iOS 4.2 works at around 20MA  and iOS 5 around the same. So there’s less power to draw from…

Don’t cry… I hope the Blue Yeti mike will not be a paper weight.

What are my options?

  • To get the iPad working you will need iOS 3.2.2 or below.


  • You can get this quite simply by going to an Apple store and asking nicely OR… check out TECHTOSH and try it yourself.


  • I think I’m going to go GENIUS.
Yeti's Spark Digital that may work with iOS iPad but not iPhone

Worst case scenario: Sell off your Yeti or save your money and wait for Yeti’s spark digital


Is there another way around downgrading the iPad?


None that I’m aware of.


But I’ve heard of other solutions like adding Power USB hubs


People have suggested using a powered USB hub. Note this does not work and has been reported in quite a few places it will not work with 4.2. You’ve been blocked out!


Once you have downgraded to 3.2.2 you have to follow the next steps.


  • Keep the Blue Yeti’s power down by moving the gain button so it’s turned about 1/4 or a 1/3 up from zero. I say zero as zero is not 100% muted.


  • Always keep the headphones plugged in. If you don’t you’ll get a too much draw on power error and probably break your iPad


  • Remember as soon as you unplug your headphones the error will come back!

  • Or wait until Yeti Digital Spark comes out.

I hope this helps you. It’s a sad day when technology fails to help and that Apple could add in a measure Don’t forget to comment!