Blackguards Queen Louse 9 Hoards Level Boss Hints, Tips & Cheats

Blackguards Queen Louse 9 Hoards Levels Walkthrough
Queen Louse & Lice – Final 9 Hoards Level – Blackguards Walkthrough

This level is particularly hard. A battle is won if you know the terrain and to revise what your characters are carrying. I will give advice how I approached this.

Strategy overview for Final 9 Hoards level.

The strategy is to keep Aurelia alive, stop the lice from re-spawning from their drain lairs and to keep player characters on the move, close the drains in sequence and make the lice kill themselves.

  • Your mage is key to winning this battle.
  • You have to protect the mage and use astral potions wisely.
  • Remember that Takate‘s belt has four slots.
    • Swap the belt from Takate and give to your mage.
    • The trade off is that Takate will not be using thrown attacks with axes and javelins. This doesn’t matter so much on this level using my strategy below.
  • If you swap over the belt, your mage will now have a LOT of extra mana to heal, buff your warriors and to spell cast / destroy lice.  I equipped three potions plus one health potion [as the mage always seems to fail due to concentration issues LOL].

It is similar to the previous 2 quests to protect Aurelia that you have already completed :-D.

How to easily kill the lice and the Queen louse in the Final 9 Hoards level

Using the Terrain kill the smaller lice without relying on melee, ranged or magical attacks 

  • You will note there are acid rivers dotted all around the map.
  • Players can walk through this with ease and I had not noticed any damage to my players. I did not see the battle log to see if there was a low level role which I had passed. Once the lice walk through the acid, you will note that they start to ‘steam’*.
  • Once the lice start to steam, there is a 3 turn countdown before they explode.
    • If new lice appear from the drains just lure them through the acid and run away.
  • Make sure your running man does not get surrounded on all sides while closing the drains.
    • What I did was to make my way to a drain and if I was going to get surrounded or the lice were going to blow up was to make a circle around the drain.

How to organise your party to win the Queen Louse 9 Hoards Level

  • For the first few rounds, I sent up two characters, one to the left, the other to right. I sent up my main PC [hunter] and one fighter [dwarf].
    • I used one of my fastest players to speed around and to shut the drains [my main PC is a hunter].
  • After closing the left hand drain, withdraw one fighter [dwarf] to support the mage and engage the Queen.
  • Note: The queen enters the map where ‘Naim’ is placed
    • You need to keep at least one fighter and the mage near Aurelia to take on the Queen and to buff / heal.
  • I lured the Queen louse to the left, closest to a drain I had previously shut, while my drain runner hunter was closing the drains in an anti clockwise fashion. He can then lure the lice to him. Near the end of the battle, if needed, this runner can heal at the fountain on the far left of the map his job is mainly to keep lice away from the main fray.
  • The queen fight is reasonably hard, however I buffed a fighter with a higher AC and kept on healing both the fighters and Aurelia. I also had learned dodge 2 and had my Dwarf with a shield, in full gladiator set armour and Naurim’s axe equipped.
  • This fight is VERY easy if you protect your mage and use the extra slotted belt with mana.
  • Note: Your warriors can survive one or two explosions from the exploding lice.
    • If this looks likely try to take out a louse with ranged / magic of one of the lice that will reach you and will blow up.
    • If you kill a louse which is steaming it won’t blow up.
      • This is handy to know when killing lice which are attacking Aurelia.
      • Remember, lice which have been in contact with the acid blow up after 3 turns.

*I’m guessing the acid on the ground is some form of aqueous sodium hydroxide which does not affect the player characters.

Good luck, I hope this helps you! Please leave a comment if it did :-D.