Blackguards Chapter 3 – Lysander’s “5 Lice Quest” Walkthrough

Chapter 3 - Lysander 5 Lice Quest - Blackguards Walkthrough The Infamous Chapter 3 – Lysander’s “5 Lice Quest” Walkthrough

Chapter 3 opens with a flashback quest which caused me a lot of grief. The key to winning Blackguards is to get back to basics and prepare before going into battle. Note that this quest ends differently to other levels. This level does not end after you’ve killed off all enemy NPCs nor the boss – it ends once you are at the exit to the level. The basics of this game are: know the terrain, know your characters and act! So we start with 2 characters – one mage and your PC and a map which has 2 separate levels [on an incline]. Your characters at the bottom of the map are not in the FoV of the lice at the top of the map! So, this level has 2 separate operations – choke point and then run away with one last melee fight with one character. Think:

  • What am I carrying?
    My hunter was equipped with an Axe, 15 arrows, 2 traps and a bow. Aurelia has a mana and healing potion and a knife.
  • How can I use these resources to turn the battle?
    Set traps, heal my healer and a healed mage helps the melee fighter. Your witch can alternate between being a spell and melee fighting [as she hits hard] and healing.
  • Can I use the terrain in the Lysander Lice Quest to my advantage?
    • Yes. The quest for 5 lice is near complete by using a choke point.
    • You will note that there’s some fallen rocks which is about as far as your character may travel to on the first go.

Strategy for the 5 lice map

Create a “5 lice” choke point

  • Before entering the fight equip your main PC with a melee weapon. 95% of this battle is close quarters. My hunter bow misses more times than it hits at short distance.
  • Move the characters so they are on the two squares of the choke point. You may now be attacked by a maximum of 3 lice at a time – not surrounded and taking a bashing from 6 lice. You’ve reduced the threat by 65%. Each PC may only be attacked by a maximum of 2 lice.
  • Rather than using a bow, I set a poison trap on the middle hex [in front of my main PC] of the three vacant hexes in front of my PC. This means one louse will have less HP and may be killed off easier by either of your PCs. Aurelia ought to finish the wounded lice off with a good stabbing.
    • If Aurelia does well, she may spit the first attack and stun a second louse. Those are the first 2 easy kills. You will take minimal hits from the third louse if you’ve stunned the other 2. 2 new lice will obviously take up their positions. Basically rinse, wash and repeat the strategy but you may not reset the trap :’-(
  • Using this choke point you are probably down on mana, a little heath but you have easily racked up 5 dead lice. Hurrah. Open that beer as we have done the hardest part.

Ready yourself for the “5 Lice” escape.

  • The lice in the upper part of the screen ought not to have moved.
    • Note: There are enough of them to block and surround one PC. The other PC may flee with more or less impunity.
    • I got surrounded by lice. I hacked and slew one, walked through their carcass and fled to the exit. I had one PC who could easily flee. The other PC was always caught in melee. Recommended action: Hack at one louse with lowest HP and who is nearest the direction exit to the level.
  • Note: At this point the lice may easily surround and kill you both off. Remember you just need to escape now. No heroics. See the exit and leave.
    • Hint: To escape the map – your PCs need to be standing on the exit hexes.
    •  Press V a few times when you think you’re near the exit to escape and make sure your character is on the yellow exit hexes.

You should easily complete this level with a fighter PC. It’s doable with a hunter. I’ve not done this with a mage and a witch. If you have a mage and a witch I refer you back to the opening paragraph that suggests know the terrain, know your characters and act! I hope you can complete this level faster and easier. I thought this flashback added nothing to the game and is frustrating. This level revises the basics of winning the game. If this walk-through of Blackguards Chapter 3 – Lysander’s 5 Lice Challenge was helpful,  please bookmark and comment!

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