Bargain Resistance 3 for 22.49 EUR From

Was well happy on Monday. I signed up to Twitter and was following @HotUKDeals.

They mentioned that was offering Resistance 3 for a bargain rate. I thought, bah.. probably a few quid off. I guess it was for Hallowe’en, or they had an offer using HotUKDeals?

I went to the site and got the game for 22.49 EUR, it’s even got Move compatibility!

It now seems to have gone up in price again, see my receipt below.

Item: Resistance 3 (PlayStation Move Compatible)
Price: EURO 22.49

I hear it’s shipped, so either had a bad price and honoured it.. yay for them.. or Hallowe’en had ended. I think the latter.

Sounds like a plug, but I’ll be following HotUKdeals a little more closely. I’m looking for another mobile phone Sim Free.

Let’s hope the boys come through!

They have posted that there’s some deals for iPads.

Trending: IPad2 (and all other tablets) – 2 year guarantee and free delivery £399.99 at John Lewis, but I think it’s for the lowest pad without 3g 😀

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