How To Get Airplay Apple TV Working With BT’s McAfee Security Infinity Package

Recently I installed McAfee’s internet security with BT Internet, using their BT Infinity package. Shortly afterwards I noted that the Airplay Icon that was in the icon bar and now you cannot see it.

Here’s a step by step guide to resolve connectivity issues if you have just got Apple TV out of the box using a Mac, and using BT Infinity with McAfee to the more advanced situation [like mine] if you’ve just loaded on McAfee and then could not use Airplay with Apple TV and your Apple TV was streaming perfectly beforehand.

If you’re a new user and have the Apple TV out of the box and wondering how to get started then follow the steps from Stage 1 to 3.

If you have set up Apple TV before and if you cannot get the icon to show in the menu bar and have just installed McAfee then jump to stage 3 below. I do recommend that you double check stages 1-2.


Check that Apple TV is set up for Airplay on Your Mac


  • On your TV turn on the Apple TV box [white light is showing].
  • To get to AirPlay settings by going to Settings > AirPlay:

AirPlay Settings

Turn on AirPlay

  • Use this setting to enable AirPlay on your Apple TV:
  • Go to Settings > AirPlay > On
  • The other options in this section I’ll jump. You may read elsewhere about them. Just make sure that the airplay speakers are what you want. I choose the television’s own, otherwise you’ll have the sound blasting from your Mac and not your television :-D.

Change AirPlay speakers

  • You can use AirPlay to play music or other audio content on the Apple TV on other AirPlay speakers.
  • Select Settings > AirPlay > [Select the desired AirPlay speaker].There are more options in this stage but this is a quick fix guide to get you going using minimalist steps!


Checking that your Mac is beaming to Apple TV


How to Turn AirPlay On and Off

  • Click the Apple Icon in the menu bar [top right]

Step by Step Guide to Resolving Apple Airplay Connection Issues Mac








  • Go into System Preferences
  • Choose Displays [icon that looks like a TV]

Choose System Preferences Display in Mavericks | Mountain Lion Apple TV

  • Choose the name of your Apple TV from the panel
  • Hint: there only is one option unless you live in a household with more than one Apple TV on the local network].

Screen Shot 2014-02-05 at 09.57.49

  • If you’re using Mavericks select AirPlay Display and choose your Apple TV name, [set up in Stage 1]
  • IMPORTANT –  Click Show mirroring options in the menu bar

  • It’s the same with Mountain Lion – just select AirPlay mirroring.
  • IMPORTANT –  Click Show mirroring options in the menu bar


Stage 3
Getting Apple TV to work with BT Infinity & McAfee


This part is simple. You just want to turn off the firewall from McAfee. Apple has its own firewall anyway so you’re adding on another layer of security which you don’t really need.

  • Look in the top menu bar to the right. You will see the McAfee icon

McAfee Problems No Connection To AirPlay

  • Click the icon.
  • From the drop down menu, choose ‘Internet Security Preferences’

Screen Shot 2014-02-05 at 09.55.13

  • Click the general button from the top bar [first on the left] it ought to be the default button unless you had it open before.
  • Turn the firewall off by pressing the off button [see screenshot]. You may have to authenticate the change by typing in your Apple ID password.
  • Click lock to prevent further changes [best policy].

Screen Shot 2014-02-05 at 09.55.34

  • Wait a few seconds [normally 20-30] and the blue light / blacked out showing Apple Airplay is now working.If it’s blue, then that’s because the Apple TV console is on, if black then Airplay is active but the Apple TV box isn’t presently on.

McAfee Airplay Apple TV How to solve




  • You will  have the annoying McAfee icon which says there’s something wrong. You can’t get rid of this sorry!

    Yes, we know that the McAfee firewall is off, but Apple has its own firewall. Make sure that’s turned on!


  • Enjoy movies, TV and music on your Mac with McAfee‘s internet security.
  • Please comment and say thanks if my guide helped you fix the connection problems with getting Airplay working on a Mac using McAfee.

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  1. Thanks for the tip, has been driving me mad. Only happened after I upgraded to Mavericks, was working perfectly well up to that point. Is it ok to leave the McAfee firewall off and only use the Apple firewall?

    1. In effect its 2 firewalls which you have running. I believe Apple’s own firewall ought to be sufficient. Apple’s OS is Unix based after all, but I’m not a security expert. What I can suggest though is put the program ON when you’re not using AirFlick or any other program to beam stuff over to your TV.

  2. Hi,
    Thanks this has solved issue.
    What is so annoying is why manufacturers don’t tell people of these issues

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