How to Add a FavIcon to your WordPress Site Easily

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Add A FavIcon To Your WordPress Site

There’s quite a few ways to add a FavIcon:

  1. Technical Way
  2. Non Technical Way.

For the technical way, this means  coding in PHP in the WP header file. Here’s a great guide  here.

If you’re not too IT savvy then stick around and you can have a favicon up in minutes.

  • I will assume you have a picture. I recommend playing with an icon say 60px x 60 px. You can save it in gif or png, I recommend gif it formats letters better than jpeg. No worries about the size of the .gif at this time!
  • Next, you need to make the icon itself.
  • Easy. There’s a site here. Just upload your image and hey presto its converted in seconds into a .ico format.
  • Just locate this as a download on your PC [I normally go the the downloads folder in the browser and select open folder location].

Putting a favicon into your site?

  • Easy again, there’s a plug-in called Shockingly Simple FavIcon. It lives up to its name. The app creator has also added in some instructions in the app settings.
  • Go to plug-ins, then add new, then type in Shockingly Simple Favicon.
  • Search and it ought to find it at number 1.
  • If not just scroll down it ought to be there.
  • Download and activate the plug-in.
  • If you can’t find the application you can download it here.

The only technical part. If you cannot do it, ask your IT department to help. Here’s a blow by blow way of how you or they can do it.

You will need access to an FTP client. I recommend using Leech FTP, which is free and very easy.

  • Type in your domain including the suffix .com, etc etc. Then type in the  admin user name and password. It’ll take a few seconds to log in.
  • Find the WP main directory [where your pages and posts are kept].
  • Drag and drop the favicon.ico into that folder.
  • We’re nearly there. Sit back and chill.
  • Next find the word-press management console for Shockingly Simple FavIcon specify where the FavIcon is.
  • It’s then up and workable.
  • If you’re bored with the WP back-end FavIcon you can change that as well.
  • Tasty! Test it yourself first. It ought to work right away.
    • If not then test in another browser and press REFRESH for the site.
    • I recommend deleting history, cookies and cache if you’re having problems.
    • It’s now showing right!
  • Have a cuppa
  • Visit your boss and ask them to look at the site.. Wow that’s cool!
  • Nice… You’ve done it without having to do any PHP!

The rest of the day you can concentrate on making more sales, happy clients without frustration of thinking… have I busted the site 😀

Finally, I would give the creator of the app a big thanks. You can visit him here.


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