What is emarketing-manager.com?

  • Emarketing-manager.com is a blog and CV website of Anthony Leaton. I am a seasoned digital and off-line PR, marketing and e-commerce specialist.
  • I have business to business, business to consumer,  corporate, on and off-line marketing and PR communications experience

How can I contact Anthony Leaton?

  • Easy, just click contact me
  • You can leave a reply on the site which will not be published. Just use the on-site form or, if you prefer, contact me via linked in!

I see you are experienced on and off-line marketing and PR professional. How can I be sure you can do what you say you can?

  • I invite you to look at my work examples. Additionally, I invite you to view my FLICKR feed. You can see some of the work I have been involved with
  • I have included testimonials from my Linked In account
  • I have a page dedicated to work examples. Note: To view some files, you will need to contact me for a password
  • If that is not enough, I can provide personal references from previous employers

I’m concerned about my privacy when contacting you. How can I trust you with my personal data?

  • I have a privacy policy page. I am committed to preserving your data privacy!

Can you make a wordpress site for me?

  • Sure I can
  • I’m an adept WordPress installation professional
  • Just contact me