A Job is not just a job.
For the past 12 years I have worked predominantly in start-up environments. Some were successful, others less so. They all shared a common theme – succeed or the company shuts down. With risk proximity, a job is not just a job. Each decision is critical to the business, and your companions and your future. You take business seriously, competitively.

Traffic-MS was Travelclick Europe’s internet marketing team. It was a successful start-up company sold to  Travelclick. Enormo and Aries Forth

As such, I think of myself as an aggressive marketeer. I am competitive and goal orientated.

Give me responsibility, I grow your business
With Lucas Fox I started in the company as a SEO advisor. As the company’s needs grew, so did the my role’s scope. Within a short time, I headed up all their marketing and PR communications

No bad ideas in business, just ones that need to be polished
Those that have worked with me know I am organised, methodical and a team player. I never think there is a ever a bad idea. Like a diamond, its value is in it’s polishing.

I empower my employers & clients
I re-align an organisation’s consistency via digital and traditional marketing channels to be holistic. I direct, and empower others, to seal gaps in efficiency between stakeholders.

Organising and building a competitive brand via on and off-line. My aim is to drive business growth via. best practice, client acquisition and retention, marketing strategies.

Found a fit within your organisation for someone like me? Then please contact me.

If a process, product or service does not exist, I create it
At TravelCLICK, I created their email marketing product from scratch and aided in the creation and formation of their linking and social media products

My attitude

  • I have entrepreneurial spirit 
  • I volunteer to take on new responsibilities to monetise companies
  • I meet new challenges, head on
  • I am driven by continuous on-the-job and extra curricular learnin
  • Have you found the right attitude? Then please contact me.

Holistic specialisms

  • I specialise in creating strategic holistic on and off-line marketing and PR synergies for my employers.
  • The results from holistic campaigns speak for themselves.
  • With social media take up, a marketing message has to be catered for. To be holistic, it means that  channels and stakeholders must be accounted for. This translates into profit. By maximising the chances of success, you ensure that the message you wish to propagate is consistent in all channels.
  • Having a cohesive and up-to-date message the client will always understand the brand’s tact and message.
  • Finally, the brand that sets itself up as client focused and trust worthy, will be rewarded with in-bound inquiries. This increases the customers sense the value by association. This translates to a business as – Identify with the brand: Raise client lifetime value.

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Need help with your marketing?

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